October 1, 2012

Chico, California::TreCreative

I had the pleasure of working with Chelsey and Stephen of TreCreative a few weeks ago. Chelsey does the Photography side of their business and Stephen does videography. They work really well together. It is always such a great experience photographing alongside other local Photographers. 

In all reality, when I am second shooting for another photographer, the pressure is (kinda) off. You are there to get the other angles, to provide the main Photographer with some backup material--especially during Portraits. You have this fun opportunity to be a little more creative. The couple is never looking at your camera, therefore you get to think outside the box a bit. 

Here are just a few photos from Megan and Jared's Wedding--enjoy!

Megan and Jared wanted to pray with each other before doing their 'first look'.
 The bridal party did a great job in the heat! I took this photo while standing in some shade off to the side:)
Thank you so much Chelsea and Stephen for the opportunity of working together! It was a joy:)

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