November 20, 2014

Broderick:: Two Years Old!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our precious boy! 
He is such a smart, silly and adventurous little boy. We are so thankful for his life and that he made us mommy and daddy. 

He truly makes us laugh every day and has become quite the silly entertainer. 

Brody is into throwing any kind of ball, drawing with his crayons and chalk, eating fruit snacks, jumping on the trampoline, playing basketball in the street with the “big kids” and jumping off of things—even off the highest toy at the playground when daddy isn’t looking. :) He has learned to dribble a basketball, spell his name and sing a few songs from start to finish. He can sing his ABCs--combining/missing a few letters, and can count from 1 to 10. He likes to draw sharks, hippos, and his shapes. (The sharks and hippos are really only blobs, but he knows what they are!)

We celebrated this morning with lots of singing of "Happy Birthday" and chocolate chip pancakes. 
 His smile after he started to sing "Happy Birthday" to me and I told him that it was his birthday!
Brody, you have changed me. You encourage me, stretch me, and keep me on my toes. I love you more than you'll ever know and I pray for you every single day. I pray that you know your Creator and that you know His love for you. I pray that you would have a kind heart for others and that you would make a difference in this world for His purposes. You are a gift, that is for sure. And I pray that you know this truth. I love you.

November 17, 2014

Brinley:: One Month

Wow, our little girl is one month old. That has flown by--in the best most sleep deprived kind of way! ;) Thanks to my friend Emily I finally took a few photos (not on my phone) of her today for her one month birthday! Thanks, friend!

Here is a little about our girl::

Brinley is a relaxed baby. It is hard to not compare the her and Brody, but it just happens. They are very similar so far. Both Brinley and Brody are good eaters and like movement. Brinley doesn't have as big of an appetite as her brother, although she is still eating great. She does better in the carseat and is the loudest of grunters. She has been sleeping in her own room since week two, as Travis and I could not sleep with her grunting so loudly next to our bed. She sleeps a solid 5-6 hour stretch and then another 3 hours. Sometimes it is 4 and 4, sometimes it is 6 and 3. It has been a challenge to get her back to sleep after that middle of the night feeding but it has gotten better over that past few nights. 
We've been using gripe water for about a week now, as she was very uncomfortable and gassy. She is pretty uncomfortable around 6pm for a few hours but she seems to be doing better this week--maybe she's just getting strong enough to really let it go! ;) 
She is just starting to give me little smiles when I get really close to her face and talk that gushy baby talk to her. It's amazing what a baby smile does to a mama's heart!

I'm still getting used to the fact that we have a daughter. Even typing that doesn't seem real. In my opinion, she is starting to look a lot more like Brody with the chunky cheeks making an appearance. I've mistaken her for Brody in my 2am delirium a few times. 

We will find out how much she weighs on Friday and I'm pretty curious!

We are so thankful for her life. She's a sweet blessing and is very, very loved. Her brother gives her a lot of slobbery kisses and just HAS to say goodnight to her every night. Also any time she sneezes, you are sure to hear "Bless you, sister".

Thanks for following along!

(Still working on her birth story--it will be posted before her 1 year post, I promise! ;))