June 18, 2010

Our first photo shoot!

Some of our best friends asked if we would take pictures of their daughter for her 6 month photos. Of course, we said yes. Here is a sneak peek into our photo shoot with Litte Miss P!

It was our first photo shoot and we had a blast! Looking forward to many, many more.
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June 16, 2010

Small Group Munchkins

We are blessed to have a wonderful Small Group here in Chico. Along with our small group comes beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, children.
We had a barb-b-q at the Rystrom's home this evening. Travis just purchased a new lens for our Nikon. It is 35 mm f/1.8.

These children are without a doubt gifts from the Lord.

Little Miss V enjoying the pool

Mr J smiling at his daddy

Little Miss P loving her daddy

Little Miss L kicking back

Little Miss V again hanging out with her Momma and soon-to-be baby brother

We love our small group and the lovely children that make our barb-b-qs that much more enjoyable.
Doing a photo shoot with our good friends and their munchkin this Friday!
Will post a sneak peek!
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June 4, 2010

Some shots of Upper Bidwell!

Just wanted to share some shots we got of Upper Bidwell while hiking around the disc-golf course. We had been meaning to head up that way and get some pics and finally got around to it! We are trying to figure the gear out that we will be using on our trip. Slowly but surely we are getting better and better. Here are a few of the shots we got, hope you enjoy!