August 28, 2015

Chico, CA Birth Photography:: William David

August 19th, 2015

Well, all that is really going through my mind is how grateful I am to have been able to make it in time for baby's arrival! This sweet boy made a beautifully quick entrance into the world--one that I can confidently say none of us were expecting. 

And I often say that I will let my photos tell the story because words don't quite suffice. There is just too much emotion, too much goodness.

Congratulations to this sweet family on the arrival of your precious baby boy. Thank you for inviting me into your family--I adore you all!
Chris, you're such a sweet dad. I loved photographing you with Zachary and I loved photographing you with William just as much!
 And, of course, I just HAVE to say something...because I know you are all thinking ridiculously perfect does Brittany look during and after giving birth to her son? I mean, it's crazy. You're gorgeous and being a momma looks good on you.  

August 25, 2015

Broderick:: First Day of Preschool 2015

We woke up today super excited for Preschool to start! This is Brody's second year of "preschool". It all started with a group of moms who wanted to add a little structure to our week with our toddlers. It has now evolved into an organized hour of class each week with 7 (almost) 3 year olds! 

I have to admit that I was pretty bossy while taking these pictures--we were running out the door and Brinley was on my heels. I am so glad we took these photos, though. I love seeing his little almost 3 year old personality. He's such a silly, sensitive, handsome boy.
 What do you want to be when you grow up? "A Spiderman."
 What is your favorite thing about Preschool? "I don't know."
 How old are you? (holds up three fingers) "THREE!" (He'll be 3 November 20th.)
 What makes you happy? "When I listen and obey." GREAT ANSWER!! :)
 And little miss Brinley wanted to be in a few photos with her big bro.
We are so grateful for our special group of 3 year olds and moms. Brody did fantastic at sitting criss-cross-applesauce today! I love seeing these kids learn. I am definitely blessed to have friends who are passionate about teaching!!

Cheers to another great year of Preschool!

August 21, 2015

Chico, CA Fresh 48 Photography:: Baby W

I told my husband right before leaving our home to head to the hospital how excited I was. I have been photographing people for over 5 years now and I LOVE it more than ever. I babies, wrinkly newborn toes, birth stories and adoring family members?! What could possibly be more precious??

Congratulations to this sweet, sweet family! We are all so thankful that Walker is here and that everyone is healthy. His mom said "things could have been very, very scary" as she recounted all of the events leading up to his delivery via unplanned c-section. I could see the thankfulness in her eyes while she stroked his sweet forehead. You are very, very loved Walker and entire Jacobsen family! 
 I just love his handsome, little face!
Congratulations and thank you for inviting me into your lives. You have a beautiful family!