October 31, 2012


Although it is kind of a cliche saying, I would consider myself a 'control freak'. I like to be in the know, have control, and do things myself--knowing they will get done how I like them to get done. 

This will be an issue for me as a mom, I just know it. It will be an issue for Travis and I--I will have to learn to let him be the Dad he wants to be. Not the Dad that I want him to be. Because, really, I know that he wants to be and will the best Dad he can. I will struggle to let him change our son's diaper how he does it and not step in saying "Oh, I actually do it like this." I will have to let him do things HIS way and have confidence in him.(He is actually really good at changing diapers.)

After reading a friend's post about a family's tragedy, I started to have numbing fearful thoughts. I was thinking of all of things that could go wrong with the end of this pregnancy. Yes, I try to push these fears to the back of my mind. But, they are legitimate fears. What if our son is a stillborn? What if he doesn't survive? 

I imagine that once our son is born my fears will only quadrouple. "Why is he crying so much?!" "What am I doing wrong?" "Is he getting enough food?" "Is he breathing?!"

But then I asked myself, "Why do we fear"--especially what we can't control? 

Where does fear stem from? 

I think it stems from a lack of faith. A lack of faith in the Creator who knows not only me to the depths of my soul, but also my son. He created him. Perfectly. Even if he isn't "perfect". 

I feel like the theme of my pregnancy has been "Why stress about it if I can't control it?" So what?--he is measuring really big. If I can't do anything about that, then I am not going to stress about it. He will just be a big baby and I will just have to deal with having big babies. It isn't necessarily a bad thing. Maybe just a tougher delivery/recovery. At least he is healthy.

I used to worry "What if he comes really early and has to be in the NICU and we can't bring him home...on and on and on?!" Well, then that will just be the reality. 

I need to stop worrying.

I need to have faith--not fear of the unknown, not anxiety, not questioning of who has a better plan or who is in control. 

I need to know that His plan for my life, for Travis' life, for our son's life is BEST. It is. I might not think it at certain times. But it is. He knows the desires of our hearts. He has a plan for our son's life. He knows the exact date and time he will enter this world. I literally have NO control in that. 

So, I will try my best to enjoy this time of him rolling around and kicking. It puts a smile on my face. But, if I am filled with fear, I don't enjoy his kicks because I am too consumed with the 'what ifs'. 

And how lame is that?

Thanks for letting me share my fears, thoughts, and joys on here. It helps me feel normal. And I hope it helps you feel normal--But that it also inspires change in your heart.

October 28, 2012

36 Weeks

Wow, I can't believe we are 36 weeks!! That sounds so far along--and it is! 

I have been feeling great...considering I am carrying around 25+ extra pounds and can't touch my toes. It is getting more difficult to sit comfortably because I feel like I might choke up my stomach. But, I really do feel good. I am sleeping great. I have to get up to go pee about 5 times a night but I fall right back to sleep. 
Weeks: 36
Weight gain: about 27 lbs total.
Baby's size: around 6 pounds and over 18 inches long.
Changes: At about 4pm every day I desperately want a nap! I haven't given into this too much because I am also nesting. So, instead of taking a nap I'll scrub the shower or dust:)
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Food cravings: Oreos.
Food aversions: Nothing really.
Best moment this week: Maternity pictures!! Thank you Katelyn Owens Photography! I can't wait to see the photos!!!
Worst moment this week: Getting more stretch marks. None on the belly so far but my right boob is covered--so weird! 
Missing Anything: Being able to bend over/do things easily. Travis has helped me a lot taking off and putting on shoes and clothes!
Looking forward to: We have another ultrasound on Monday because I am still measuring small. Last time the baby was measuring two weeks big so I am excited to see him again and see how big he is. We also have our first appointment on Friday where the doctor will check my cervix. Not excited about the check but interested to see if I am dilated or effaced at all. 

Thanks for following! It's almost November!!

October 26, 2012

Five on Friday

Have you been watching the Presidential debates? Travis makes me:) Personally, I think they are annoying and they make me kind of uncomfortable. Travis and I both think there to should a REAL timer and their mics should turn off when their time is up. The talking over each other and bickering seem childish.

We had some great friends over for dinner Tuesday night. The meal had to be dairy and gluten free! Yes, I gave myself a little pat on the back when the meal was thoroughly enjoyed!

Travis had Wednesday off because he works this Saturday. He was such a trooper and tagged along with me to babysit. He pushed the stroller and later picked up all the puzzle pieces off the floor. I really appreciate him:)

I set up our Diaper Genie in baby boy's room. Who knew that would be so exciting?! Carseat is in the car, too. It is weird to look back and see it. Travis and I were commenting on how surreal it will feel to bring baby Albini home for the first time! Ah!

I've been walking with some girlfriends in Bidwell Park. (I don't take this park for granted--it is such a great place!) They all have their babies in their strollers. Mine is still cookin' but he will be surrounded by a beautiful posse soon!
Thanks for following this week's Five on Friday. Any fun plans this weekend??

October 23, 2012

Chico, California Family Photographer::The Rollins Family

We feel seriously blessed when we get to photograph a family each year. Meghan, Keith, and their family have been with us since the beginning of AlbiniPhotography. What a joy it is to see their family grow and get to know the personalities of their sweet boys!

You'll be able to tell from these photos which of the two boys likes being in front of the camera:) Enjoy!
Those blue eyes just kill me--so, so handsome!

The boys had a fun time throwing the leaves around and we loved capturing this family's photos again! 

Thank you for being so great!

35 Weeks

I officially feel ready for this baby! I hope he waits a few more weeks because we have our Maternity photos scheduled this Sunday. But, we feel ready to meet him and see his sweet face--in a few weeks:)

Weeks: 35
Weight gain: 26lbs total
Baby's size: around 6 pounds and 18 inches long
Changes: Man, it is tough doing every day things with a basketball in front of you! I had trouble putting on my boots this morning.
Maternity clothes: Yes, ma'am!
Best moment this week: Some of my great friends threw us a baby shower! My mom and sister were able to make it and we felt so blessed to have people who love our baby boy so much. People are so generous!
Worst moment this week: I was sick with the flu. It only lasted about 1 day so I was thankful for that. I did cry ugly tears when Travis got home from work. I just felt so guilty that I was sick and not eating when I have this baby in me that needs food! I didn't have an appetite and when you feel like throwing up, it is hard to eat close to any thing! Travis got it the next day and it is hard wanting to help him but not really being able to do anything for him but let him rest and force some gatorade down his throat. The Albini household is healthy now.
Food cravings: Mexican food.
Food aversions: Nothing. 
Missing anything: Hot Cheetos:) I banned them from my house from now on. I ate WAY too many. It takes a lot of self control to walk past the chip aisle.
Looking forward to: Maternity photos this weekend! Haven't been in front of the camera together for a while and I can't wait!

Sorry, no picture this week. I think being sick, Travis being sick, and having family in town this weekend threw me off and I forgot. I promise it isn't because of wanting to hide my chubby cheeks or anything:)

I got my update from BabyCenter on my phone this morning telling us that we are 36 weeks. I had to do a double-take. What?! How has this gone by so fast???

October 19, 2012

Five on Friday

The beginning of this week draaaaged on. But, now it is Friday and looking back, it seems to have flown by! 

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. Everything looks great! I thought he was going to talk about labor but that is next time. He scheduled another ultrasound for the 29th, because I am still measuring small. Hmmm--doesn't feel like it:)

I finished editing a fun family session and am now working on the next. We have two more in the books before being done this season. I didn't want to schedule anything in November--just in case.

Remember how my mother in law and sister in law were in Ireland the past two weeks?? Yesterday my mother in law FaceTimed me and I am just not used to that! She had just landed in Washington D.C.. I'm excited to be able to FaceTime people once our little guy arrives. Technology is crazy!!

I was pretty sick yesterday. Being sick and hugely pregnant is especially not fun. I laid on the couch the entire day and didn't go outside once--I hate that. Travis brought me home some dinner(Taco Bell:)) and I couldn't even eat the dang bean and cheese burrito! I had some contractions, too. But, they went away and I feel much better now!

Travis works at JPMorgan Chase Bank in downtown Chico. He has been at this branch for about 6 months--I think. He used to have a 30+ minute commute each way. It is a ten minute drive and I get to meet him for lunch a lot. It is so nice having him so close. I can't wait to bring his little baby boy to see him on our lunch dates:)
I've been bringing us lunch so we can save some money and not always be buying lunch downtown. We picnic'd on Chico State's campus and Travis actually fell asleep on the blanket. Two things to note: 1--those are my sunglasses and 2--this guy gives me so many foot rubs and back massages...the least I can do is feed him a grape or two:)

October 17, 2012

Chico, California Family Photographer::Richter Family

The Richter Family was seriously fun to work with. It was refreshing for me to be around sisters. I come from a family of 5 girls so I am familiar with the chaos, love, and friendship of girls. 
When Allie contacted me for Family Portraits, I was excited. She mentioned that her family's orchard is being cut down and they wanted photos in the orchard before it was gone. How beautiful is that? Their family will eventually replant trees after a few years but this orchard means a lot to the Richter family. I feel honored to be able to photograph it. 
Enjoy these photos of this sweet family. They laugh a lot:)
 The family has a swing in the backyard--I can just picture them playing on it as little girls.

 Beautiful ladies...
I just love this sequence--making each other laugh.
Of course their sweet puppy Carly had to get in some photos. She is obsessed with her dead squirrel toy--it isn't really a dead squirrel but I thought it was when I first saw it:)
 Dad and his best friend.
 I joked earlier that Travis and I aren't ever getting a puppy. Carly really is a beautiful dog. Maybe one day we'll get a dog like her--just a few years older with less energy:)

Thank you, Richter family! You are a fun bunch and I so appreciate you making me feel at home:)

October 16, 2012

Chico, California Family Photographer::Sneak Peek

Travis and I got to spend an afternoon with Meghan, Keith, and their two little boys. The weather was still somewhat cool and it was great! 

Of course, with family photos you really don't want everyone to see ALL of them before you send out your Christmas cards. So, here is just a little sneak peek at our time spent with this sweet family. I'm sure I won't be able to resist sharing a few more soon.:)I love that we were able to take their family photos again this year. Thank you Rollins Family!
The boys had a blast throwing the leaves around.
The older of the two was a ham:) I will definitely be sharing more of his sweet personality!

October 13, 2012

34 Weeks

This week brought on a weird combination of exhaustion and energy. At times I just wanted to sleep and then other times I was ready to be on my feet and bake! That means I have a new type of energy because I am not usually a baker. 
Weeks: 34
Weight gain: Probably around 26 pounds total.
Baby's size: Probably more than 5 pounds. Either way, he is big and squished:)
Changes: Energy to clean and bake!
Maternity clothes: Yes. I'm thankful I am pregnant during the long tank top fashion trend. Those have saved me and I can hide my unzipped pants easily!
Food cravings: Pumpkin things.
Food aversions: Nothing that I can think of.
Best moment this week: Travis and I spent a lot of our evenings sitting on the couch together--this seems to be baby boy's most active time. He ROLLS and pushes my stomach into very odd shapes.
Worst moment this week: Thinking I was going to get some Nursing bras from Target for about $15 each. Then realizing they don't have a size big enough!!!
Missing anything: Moving around easily. I was breathing hard the other morning after putting my socks on and tucking my jeans into my boots. Phew!:)
Looking forward to: Our doctor's appt on Monday. This is the first one where he will start talking about labor and the first week where he said they won't be stopping labor! AH!
Thanks for following and please pray that this baby is healthy and that he will fit coming out! I'm worried he is going to be HUGE and get stuck. Again, kind of irrational and if it is true there is really nothing I can do about it. Just thought I'd ask for prayer for a baby under 10 pounds:) Preferably around 7 would be great--but that's not happening. Unless he comes next week:)

October 12, 2012

Five on Friday

Well, this week didn't go by super fast for me. I am waiting  for each Tuesday to come--that is the day we technically reach our next week of pregnancy. However, I am very excited that it is Friday and that I get to sleep in tomorrow:)

I was so happy Monday morning on my way to my Mom's group at our Church. This group is seriously the BEST Bible Study I have ever been to. The two women who lead it are very wise and great leaders. Their children are testimonies to their parenting and God's faithfulness. I am basically nodding my head THE ENTIRE time:)

Travis had Tuesday off this week--he gets a day off in the week if he works the following Saturday. He played SpikeBall with some friends. He asked me to videotape it. So, I sat there for two hours hitting record, stop record, record, stop record, record, stop record about 500 times. It was fun! If you don't know what SpikeBall is or you want to see some ballers, check out the video that he put together--he was VERY proud of himself for figuring out iMovie for 5 hours.
YouTube SpikeBall Video

Have you been watching The Voice?? It is the one show, besides SharkTank, that Travis and I really enjoy watching together. We probably sound like fools saying "Oh, he is SO going home." or "Christina SO needs to put those boobies away." Travis actually said last night that he likes it when she wears shirts that cover them up--they must really be hard to look at;)

Tonight we are having our neighbors over for dinner. Both families are moving. Both families are the only ones on our street that we hang out with. Boohoo--I will miss them. BUT, one of them is just moving down the street to a bigger house. I will miss their little girl greeting me when I come home "Hi Danielle!!!" from the front window. "Where's Travis?!?" "What are you doing???" "Can I come over and play???" She is the most sociable 4 year old I know. She'll be a great babysitter:)

Most of you probably don't know this but Travis is dairy-intolerant. Every once in a while he sneaks in a piece of pizza(b/c who could resist pizza?!) but it really messes with his stomach. So, I can get in a little pity party that our meals are SO limited now. I felt kind of in a recipe rut but then I remembered some of our favorite meals. We made homemade pizza and we made tuna melts this week. All with goat's cheese--yes...that isn't dairy. It comes from a goat:) I'll share the recipe next week because my sister-in-law asked for it!
Have a great weekend! I hope this Fall weather sticks around but next week looks like it is going to be in the high 80s again in Chico. I'm loving today's 70 degrees!!!

October 10, 2012

Chico, California Family Photographer::Sneak Peek

I got to spend some time with the Richter family this past weekend. I went to college with Allie and it was fun to meet her family and get some photos in their family's orchard! Here's just a little sneak peek of the three beautiful sisters. 
Thank you for a good time, Richter family! We are now officially never getting a  puppy:)

October 9, 2012

33 Weeks

This past week brought on some changes--waking up in the middle of the night with heartburn, odd stomach pains(probably gas, not contractions), back pain has subsided.

I'm thankful that my sciatica has subsided for the most part. I pretty much figured that I would have it for the rest of pregnancy. However, I think it was just flared up and tweaked because it has gotten SO much better. Praise the Lord.

Travis took this picture of me while out to dinner the other night. "Babe, take a picture of my belly because I don't have one for my 33 week post.":)
Weight gain: About 25 pounds?
Baby's size: About 5 pounds and over 17 inches long.
Maternity clothes: YES. Anything else is getting pretty tight/short.
Changes: Stomach muscles hurt. I basically have to rolllll out of bed to get up. No more abs, that's for sure.
Food cravings: I want something sweet every night after dinner.
Food aversions: Nothing that I can think of.
Best moment this week: Getting video of baby boy sticking his little foot out the side of my belly.
Worst moment this week: Stomach pains in the middle of the night when I move.
Missing anything: Having energy. Being on my feet for too long starts to hurt my feet and back.
Looking forward to: Getting closer to meeting him!! 

The way that I've been doing these posts for the most part has been to post them at the end of the given week. I have to write about that week so it only makes sense. We are 34 weeks today. Getting so close! 

I'm still having those fearful moments of "AH! What if my water breaks right now?!" But, it is getting closer and closer to being okay and really isn't something I should stress about. My water might not even break--that was something I thought happened to everyone. Nope, most women have to have theirs broken in the hospital. Anyways, he is just weeks away from making his arrival!

October 8, 2012

Pinterest Success::Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today I am sharing a Pinterest success that just needed some tweaking--does that still make it a success? I think so. Anyways, my friend Lauren and I were feeling like making something Fall-like today. So, what did I do? Um, go to my Pinterest boards of course!

I have followed Ashley's blog for a few years now and every once in a while she shares a recipe. I pinned this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe one year ago. I am not one to often try new baking recipes, although I want to. Sometimes it seems like with all of the ingredients needed, it would be kind of pricey. That is true at first--but once you have your spice cabinet stocked up, it really is pretty cheap. And, scratch tastes better:) PLUS, you get extra wife points on your imaginary awesome wife scoreboard!!

The only thing that I would change to her recipe is to not make the frosting. Everything about the actual cookies are perfect! The cookies by themselves are sweet enough(in my opinion) without the frosting. Well, two of my girlfriends agreed too. It was too rich with the cream cheese-based frosting. And, you'll probably save about ABAJILLION calories by not adding the frosting:)

I'm on a Pinterest roll tonight--I'm making this for dinner. Just going to add some shredded chicken for some protein. I'll let you know how it is!

**Travis just tried the cookies and he liked it better with the frosting. Hmm. I guess just try it how you think you'll like it! He has a MAJOR sweet tooth so I'm sticking with the no-frosting.**

October 5, 2012

Five on Friday

This week has FLOWN by. As I'm sure it has for a lot of you. How is it Friday already? Wow. 

Spent a lot more time in the JoAnn's parking lot then planned. My friend Lauren and I went there to get some supplies for crafting. When we went to drive away, there was a thumping sound. Yep--flat tire. We laughed. Honestly, I think we just started laughing. If I was by myself, I might have had a different reaction. I was thankful she was with me, that we could kill some time in Ross across the street, that there was a real tire(not just a spare) under my car, and that our insurance covered everything. 

Had another weird dream last night about this baby boy. He came out early(which I am still thinking he is going to do--preparing for a late arrival, though.) and he had four teeth already. He wouldn't breastfeed and he was crawling around. What the heck is up with my dreams about my baby coming out a crawler!? Maybe it is because Travis jokes that he is going to come out of the womb doing push-ups!:)

My sister in law is on a tour in Ireland with the National Field Hockey team. My mother in law is there and is keeping us updated and Torrie is not disappointing with Instagram pics. Here is a clip of Torrie(#3) scoring two goals! GO USA!

My mom sent me a photo of our little boy's bumper that she made. I can't wait to put it in his crib! I also can't wait to do a blog post of his nursery--I think his room is pretty simple. Nothing crazy and over the top. If we were having a girl, I would've been in trouble. Boys room kinda have to be simple. Do you agree? Otherwise they get too girly:)

Here is a photo of the craft that I did for his room. Supplies needed: Cardboard, Yarn, Exacto Knife, Sharpie. I drew the stencil of the 'B', then cut it out, then wrapped it. The wrapping took WAY longer than I thought it would. I think I spent a total of 6 hours wrapping this thing. Also, you have to be creative when wrapping a 'B'--the curves and edges are tough. I love the outcome. It isn't perfect so don't look too closely:)
Like I mentioned on Instagram, his name is going to be kept a secret. But you all know now that it starts with a 'B'. Don't try guessing--We won't give it away:)

Travis said last night that we should announce his name as Brutus after he is born. I suggested Bartholomew--Bart for short.

Have a great weekend, friends! Thanks for following!

October 2, 2012

Craft::Fall Wreath

I have had the same wreath hanging on our front door for almost a year. We moved into our home November 18th. (Maybe baby boy will come on our 1 year homeowners anniversary!:))

I wanted to make a new wreath and make one that was a little more Fall-like. Truly, I'm a very simple crafter. I don't do anything overboard--or at least I try not to. This wreath didn't end up turning out too Fall-like but I do like it's simplicity and it was fun to get out my craft supplies!

Supplies needed:
Wreath--I got mine from JoAnns with a 50% off coupon. I think it was $5 or so.
Door Hook: Got mine at the Dollar Store last Fall.
Burlap--you'll need about 6 strips of 4in. by 36 in. depending on the size of your wreath.
Glue gun--to adhere burlap to wreath and to adhere any other embellishments.
Embellishments--I used some old book pages, a little fabric, and some felt.

Oh, and a little warning--Burlap is MESSY. You'll be able to see that in some of the photos. You could always cover the wreath in paper, fabric, felt, etc.
First step is to wrap the burlap around the wreath.
 When the strip runs out, hot glue the edge of the burlap to the wreath and then start the next strip right on top of where the last one stopped.
Continue wrapping the burlap strips around the wreath until it is fully covered.
There are so many fun embellishment you could do. Look on Pinterest and you can find LOTS of different flowers to do--out of felt, fabric, paper, etc. 

Again, mine is not necessarily Fall-like but I like it. Just a simple bow and a flower. Maybe I'll add to it. 
 Either way, just make a wreath that YOU like. There are so many beautiful wreaths out there on the internet for inspiration. You could go all out or just do something simple like mine. 

The trick is to just START. Get out your craft supplies and START working on it. Then you will get the energy/motivation/creativity to make a wreath that makes you and your door happy:)

Have fun!

Chico, California Newborn Photographer::Baby Talia

Seriously, what a joy new babies are! This sweet little girl's parents are some of our greatest friends and that makes me love her even more! Her mommy is so calm with her--truly a natural. And as for her daddy, he can't stop boasting about both of the ladies in his life! She is one lucky baby. 

Enjoy these photos from my time spent with this precious girl. Our little boy has a girlfriend already and he doesn't even know it!
 Little girl smiles...
It melts my heart when babies bring their hands up to their faces!
 I just had to include this photo of her laying on the quilt her mommy made. We were laughing when she was scowling at me like this--with her dukes up! Makes you wonder what does on in her little mind:)
Thank you for being such great friends--we love you and your new addition!