October 31, 2011

In Love--Matt & Chelsea

I love getting to know new people. It is especially fun when these people are in love and getting married! There are lots of giggles, smiles, and stories. 

Hearing the story of how the future bride and groom met is often a highlight of our time together. Matt and Chelsea met while in Chico--but things didn't really begin until they were reconnected down the road. That is always fun to hear--How their paths crossed once again.

Enjoy these photos of our time together. I wish I could share them all--we went all around Chico. Matt and Chelsea have plenty of places in this town that are near and dear to them. Fun!
 Both Chelsea and Matt graduated from Chico State and now live in the Bay Area.
We had to take a photo in front the place where their paths crossed for the second time. They rocked some awesome wigs for this location!
 This next shot is one of many jumping photos. Can you tell they are a fun couple??
 Matt is a runner and this location in Bidwell Park is sentimental to him.
 Chelsea and Matt also golf together. Yeah, I know what you are thinking--what fun thing don't they do?!
 Matt designed Chelsea's Engagement ring. It is just beautiful.
 Thank you to this sweet couple for letting us be a part of this fun time in your lives! You are beautiful people and truly work great together.

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October 28, 2011

Little Ones--The Sathrum Family

Baby Sathrum, you are just such a cute little man! We are saving most of his photos for his parents to share but I thought I'd show you all a few. Enjoy!
It sure looks tiring being a baby. I'm sure mom and dad would argue that they are the ones who are tired:)
I am loving all of these sweet babies around us! 

On Wednesday Travis and I were able to go to a friend's house and watch her three week old little girl so the mom could sleep for a few solid hours. At one point we said "We could totally do this!" and then a few minutes later said "How do people do this?!" :)

So, cheers to Luke and Megan for being new parents! You two make a great team and your son is perfect.

Matt and Chelsea's Engagement Session will be up by Monday! 

October 26, 2011

Our little owl

Man, these last few weeks have been crazy. I'm sure your past few weeks have been crazy as well--aren't they always?

This blog has been quite lonely and will start to pick up these next few weeks with more fun photo sessions! I thought I would share a little about why this blog has been without posts for a little bit.

We are buying a house! It has been such a quick process and is going to require lost more patience in the weeks to come. We have already made a few trips to TJMaxx, Ross, etc. to look at home decor--that is the whole reason to buy a house, right?! No, but really...it has been so much fun to think about how our first home will look.

Today, we went to TJMaxx and purchased our first piece of home decor(that wasn't from a garage sale). It is a cute little ceramic owl that will probably sit on a night stand in a guest room. It has been the first thing that Travis and I both liked and it matches the to-be colors of the room just perfectly!
We scored an awesome leather bed at a yard sale this past weekend and are planning on painting the room the light blue(at the base of the owl w/ the white dots). It will have brown and light yellow accents. Can you tell I am excited about decorating?
 So, I am off to bed  and tomorrow brings a lot of work--blessed work. I am also hoping tomorrow brings another beautiful day like today. It felt like the first day of Fall--cool temperatures, clear skies,...oh, and boots:)

Stay tuned for lots of photo sessions in the weeks to come!

October 12, 2011


One of the biggest seasons of change in someone's life is going from single to married.

As I'm editing photos from Weddings, I am struck with the joy that is involved with this change. I remember Travis and I moving into our first apartment together. It was so different--so new. All of the food in the fridge was ours, our mail was addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Albini, we got to come home to each other after long days of work and class.

When the brides and grooms make their grand exits, I am so excited for them--for what lies ahead in their lives. Big changes. Fun changes.

So, please enjoy this last peak into our time with Raechel and Bryce--their Wedding will be on the blog on Friday.

October 7, 2011

In Love--Matt & Breanna

Travis and I are excited for Matt and Breanna to be husband and wife next month! It was fun to see how these two interact with each other. Matt is definitely a goof ball and Breanna is so sweet--she is all giggles when it comes to Matt's sense of humor.

We spent most of our time in some of the lovely fields but had to show these two downtown Chico for a little bit!

Enjoy these photos of our time together--congratulations you two!

Thank you for coming to Chico and being so great--glad there weren't any snakes:)

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October 6, 2011

Lightning, Thunder, Hail--Oh my!

As I mentioned in the last post, we had a crazy storm last night here in Chico. This morning I walked out before the sun was even up and it felt like I was in Tahoe in December! Okay, maybe not that cold but it felt freezing!

After I got back home around 8:15am, the ground in the backyard looked like this...
And this was about 12 hours after the storm! We didn't quite get golf ball sized hail at our place but friends of ours did. They were probably the size of a penny when they first fell. I had to walk outside in it last night to get to the car and thank God for that umbrella! When I reached for the door handle, my hand got pelted a few times.
This is the most prepared I will be until I can get to our storage unit for my Uggs and rainboots. (I'm making it seem like we are stuck in a life threatening storm, huh?!) We're not. I like the change in weather but am looking forward to it being Fall before Winter!
While I was taking these pictures, I walked by the bathroom and caught my cute, banker, husband getting ready for work:)
Okay, enough of my randomness. I will be inside all day today editing Wedding and Engagement photos. I really do love my job:)

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October 5, 2011


Random Updates of the day:)

It is after 10 pm and I am debating whether or not to keep Pinning or open up The Help and keep reading...decisions, decisions.

I am going to close the computer and read. It'll make me tired so I can forget about that Caffeinated drink I accidentally got at 5pm--Oops.

Not that the above information is something you needed to know:)

Head over to Pinterest if you haven't already. It is kind of addicting, though. Could be a great business tool--I have a Photography board that I often use to brainstorm ideas. Some great ideas in Pinland!

One more thing, there is now a 'like' link for Facebook at the bottom of each blog post. You can go to our Facebook Page to get updates of recent work. Thanks, friends!

We had a crazy hail storm here in Chico tonight. Literally almost golfball sized chunks of ice. I also screeched at every lighting strike. It was probably annoying:)

Stay tuned for Wedding blog posts in the days to come!

I hope you are all warm and dry tonight--and that we don't take it for granted.

Good night:)

October 3, 2011

Bouchon Bakery

Travis and I left a friend's house early Saturday morning to have some time at a local Bakery right outside of Napa in Yountville--that could totally be in Napa...I had no idea where we really were:). We were photographing a wedding but didn't have to be there until 1pm. We enjoyed coffee and a sandwich while we discussed the hours to come and made sure we had all our gear ready.
 My friend Krissy, who we stayed with the night before (thank you!), recommended this quaint Bakery to us. I'm so glad she did! It was really cute. They were actually still rebuilding after a bad kitchen fire so we weren't able to see their full breakfast menu, which we heard is just amazing.
This town seemed so ritzy. A lot of really nice cars, beautiful buildings, and pretty people. Even the stop signs were nice:) Really, they were. They were matted with nice wood. 

On our way back to the car we came across this interesting rock garden. 
 I loved Napa. Getting to photograph a wedding in this town where grapevines go on for miles and miles was such a privilege. Just beautiful!
Travis took the photo above. He is the best partner-in-photography! :)

Back to editing I go! I have three weddings that I am working on. Too much fun!