September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm still day dreaming about being back in Tahoe. Travis and I photographed a beautiful Wedding in a crazy storm. The next day we walked around the Gondola strip and really enjoyed the cool weather. We also put Brody on a little carousel for the first time and he looked like such a big boy!

We meet Travis for lunch almost every day of the week. We love getting to see daddy! But I'm pretty sure his coworkers think I have NO life.;)

I've used the Crockpot 3 times this week already and I'm a fan. A big fan!!

Yes, I am going to talk about the weather. It has been cooling down in Chico and it is definitely Fall. With that comes pulling out Brody's warm clothes and him in jeans just kills me!! I also am baking some Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread right now:)

Our baby has lots of teeth now. Like I said on Instagram--bottom teeth are simply adorable but top teeth are weird! And yes, I realize that I am completely biased thinking that all of the photos below are absolutely ADORABLE! ;)

Enjoy your weekend! I hope you smile like the upper left photo ;)

September 20, 2013

Broderick::Ten Months

Seriously, these photos are so indicative of our day today! Brody has cut four teeth on the top in the past few weeks. He has been a bit clingy and this grouchy face--it is common around here. He is all smiles once daddy walks through the door at the end of the day, though! Go figure:)
 This scrunch nose face makes me laugh! You can kinda see his top teeth poking through in the photo on the bottom left. Bottom teeth are cute. Top teeth are weird.
 Oh, you look so angelic:)
 Remember my post about his faces? Seriously, kid...
You have the most contagious laugh and you love your food! You have definitely become a daddy's boy and go about your day screeching "DADADADADA". You're quite ticklish and love playing chase around the Ottoman.

 We attempted to take one together--he hit me in the face after this and then sat on the floor crying for a bit.
 Then he was happy. 
I have to say, it is so much more difficult to take photos of a moving baby! It was so easy when he just sat there! Also, that hair--it has just gotten way too out of control! Daddy says it can't be cut until he is ONE! Oi vey!

 I'm pretty obsessed with his pudgy fingers in this next photo...
And we will bid you adieu with this photo. Have a great weekend!:)
Happy TEN months to the craziest and most lovable baby I know! We just adore and love you so much. Life means so much more being your mommy!

(Happy Birthday to Grandpa Broderick!! Glad you got to do your favorite thing on your bday--hang on the boat with your buddies and catch some yummy yellow fin tuna! We love you!!)

September 4, 2013

Chico CA Maternity Photography:: Lundberg Family

I was pretty excited when Ashley asked me to take their Maternity Photos. One reason is because she is a great friend of mine and the second is because she is seriously gorgeous! I mean, having a beauty like her in front of my camera helps make my job a piece of cake!

We took a few photos downtown and then walked over to Chico State's campus. 

Enjoy these photos of these almost parents! Can't wait to meet baby Lundberg next month--and find out whether we've been feeling the kicks of a boy or girl!
 See what I mean? Such a beautiful couple!
 Doesn't she look amazing and tiny for being 8 months pregnant?!
 Oh, if only you heard the story Anders shared that made her laugh!;)
 On our way off of campus, Anders wanted to get a more serious pose. This is what the sequence of photos looked like...
We love you two and can't wait to meet baby Lundberg! Congratulations, friends!

September 3, 2013

Not Your Average Daddy

I knew really from the moment that I met him and saw his heart that Travis was going to be a great Dad one day. 

I just didn't expect him to be this great.

He is not your average daddy.

He puts our marriage first. 

He prays with Brody every night.

He says "He is so cute!" to me about 20 times a day.

He lets him drool on his shoulder when he is wearing his work suit--if you know Travis...that is seriously love.

He protects Brody's well-being like I never could have imagined.

He changes his horrible not-so-great driving habits, knowing that Brody will one day follow suit.

He laughs at the silly things Brody does and genuinely thinks they're hilarious.

He says things like "I can't wait to do       with him"! (The list is too long to write out.)

He walks in the door after a breakfast meeting and after seeing that Brody is not in the kitchen with me, he sighs and asks if he is already down for his nap. Then he rejoices when he learns that he is in fact just playing in his room and goes to join him.

He asks me if I want to go out by myself for some "me time" on a weekly basis. 

He sits at the dinner table teaching Brody how to sign "more"--with a lot more patience that I ever have:)

He tells me often how awesome our son is.

He doesn't let me be the only one to console Brody when he is upset--much to my dismay. He wants Brody to know that daddy is there to comfort him, too.

He tells Brody "Your mom is so beautiful" more times that I can count.

He has grown in patience and persistence.

He tells me that we should write letters to Brody, so that if something happens to us, he will know how much we love him.

He humors me and joins me before bed as I sneak in Brody's room to cover him with his blanket and sneak a peek at our snoring boy.

He provides so well for our family.

He is not your average daddy.

September 2, 2013

Chico CA Maternity Photography::Sathrum Family

I loved getting out with this family! They are expecting their second baby boy and I know Megan is ready to meet her son. 

We braved the heat in Chico and it was a beautiful evening--the light at sunset in Chico is just beautiful!

Enjoy a little glimpse into our evening together. Congratulations on almost being a family of four! Looking forward to meeting your newest addition!
Caleb spent the rest of the evening with his grandparents while we enjoyed the setting sun!
 Megan, you are beautiful and pregnancy looks great on you!
 Congratulations, again! You guys are going to be a great family of four!

Stay tuned for an ADORABLE Maternity Session coming soon! You'll definitely want to see this one:)