August 3, 2010

Back home in Chico!

We finally made it back home! Being gone for a month and a week flew by, but we are really happy to be back in Chico. We still have lots of photos to upload from the rest of the trip but have been super busy with unloading the Rolls, doing laundry, washing our cars, hanging with friends, etc. We already miss Mal and Dom, but are lucky to have tons of awesome friends in Chico. After living in an RV for that long our tiny apartment seems huge all of a sudden. It is all about perspective I guess.

Our trip was absolutely amazing and we are very blessed to have been able to do a trip like this. God was definitely looking after us and helped us in many random times of need. We got to see tons of amazing things, and got to see tons of amazing people that we hadn't seen in a while. Thanks for everyone who made this trip possible like the Wilsons who loaned us the RV, our parents who helped pay for gas, and our friends who gave us beds to sleep in, food to eat, and showers to use! We love you all very much and thank God daily for the blessings you guys are in our lives.

We will upload some more pics from the trip once we get my laptop charger back from San Diego where I left it. Thanks for following, hope you enjoyed the pics from the trip!