February 25, 2014

Chico, CA Portrait Photography:: Rollins Family

I was so excited to get to photograph Keith, Meghan and their two boys out on her family's land! She had me giddy when she told me the almond trees were blossoming!! The drive out to her parent's house was so gorgeous with white blossoms surrounding the roads--I got more and more excited. 

It has been a blessing for me to photograph this beautiful family over the years. To be asked to document the lives of growing families over and over again is such a privilege and honor. 

Here's a little peek into our time spent together. Thank you so much Rollins family!

 Then brothers kissed--maybe with open mouths-- and thought it was super funny :)
 This next picture should go in daddy's office--he is the Wrestling coach at Chico High and I think his boys are learning some moves! 
 The sweetest pose ever!
 This is the cutest thing! Matching John Deere Sweatshirts and the coolest tractor!
 I love to get a few photos of just mom and dad--it is where it all started :)
 If you follow my Facebook page, you saw me talk about this Willow tree that Meghan grew up playing under. She explained to me that you used to be able to hide under these leaves and someone couldn't see you--I imagine an umbrella of green leaves. There are wooden steps up the tree where she says they used to play for hours. I'm so grateful we took photos under this tree. What a beautiful image to capture--thank you for sharing this with me.
 I love these photos of Keith and Meghan--they're a beautiful couple!
I am so grateful for this family and the times I've been able to photograph them. Thank you so much! And thank you to Papaprentice and family for your help! :)

February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Well, it has been quite a while since I have done a Five on Friday post. I know...you were hanging on the edge of your seat this WHOLE time!! :)

I've indulged in FAR too many coffee shop treats this week. It's been totally worth it. ;)

I cut out one of Brody's feedings this week and apparently all my worry was for nothing. He did great! I had been postponing it for weeks only to find out he would have not cared less!

I have been loving this stage of Brody's life. He is still pretty fussy due to his chronic ear infection BUT he is such a joy to be around most of the time :). He plays in the backyard pretty independently and laughs on command. He also now laughs when he "toots", which has me rolling on the floor!

Really looking forward to a Marriage Simulcast tonight and tomorrow through our church. Travis and I love getting encouragement on how to make our Marriage more of how God intended it to be. It will be a great time together and we could use the wisdom! :)

I took Brody to a coffee shop yesterday for our first little mommy-son coffee date. You know how you picture moments like this to be so perfect? Expectations are evil. It was super sweet for about 2 minutes until he no longer wanted to calmly sit in my lap and read a book. Exploring the coffee shop was much more exciting! It was still a fun putting and I do love this little boy so much!
Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather!

February 18, 2014

Sacramento, CA Newborn Photography:: Baby Kayden

I told John and Kimberly how much they looked like naturals when I walked into their house and they were caring for Kayden. They laughed at the idea of being naturals, as most new parents do--But it is true. This new mom and dad are doing such a great job taking care of their son. 

Here is a little look into my time spent with the Crain family. Congratulations! Your family is so beautiful and I'm grateful to be invited into your lives!
 I love this photo! 
 Kayden cooperated just in time to get a few sweet photos. I loved my time with him!
One more BIG congratulations to this new family of three! I have been so blessed to get to photograph some pretty exciting times in your lives! Thank you:)