May 31, 2013

Five on Friday

I usually don't remember it is Friday until half way through the day. Then I get all excited and usually decide to bake something to celebrate;) I'm never going to shed these excess baby pounds...

Onto my five!

We had some great friends stay with us for the holiday weekend. I absolutely LOVE having people stay with us--so much fun to wake up and have breakfast together in our pjs:) It was a cool Memorial Day so we had hot coffee in our hands with the windows open and cool breeze. Perfection!

Travis went shooting(guns...not cameras) with some of his friends and us ladies went to treat ourselves to TeaBar. I think we ought to make that a weekly thing:)

My mom called me this week to tell me that she rescued a baby mouse. She tried to take it to the local animal rescue place and they told her that they feed baby rodents to the owls. She just couldn't handle that. She sent me a video of it--it is the size of her thumb nail. Cute--but I think I'd let the owl have a mini feast. Is that too harsh?

My mom comes into town today and I get so excited when I get the text from her that she is on her way! Yay for Nana! I am shooting a wedding tomorrow so she gets to babysit. I'm so thankful for the best babysitter around!!

I've been having Brody spend some time alone in his room in the mornings after he eats "breakfast". He sits on the floor and plays with his toys. It has been such a peaceful 15 minutes--I think it is good for him and me:) I walked by his room and saw this heavenly sight...
Enjoy your weekend everyone. It's going to be a hot one here!!

May 28, 2013

Broderick::Pacifier Tears

I can't believe I am about to write a blog post about pacifiers but oh well, that's my territory now. I'm owning it.

We had Brody's 6 month check up today and Travis was able to come. I was so excited he could make it! Then at the end of the appointment our Doctor asked if Brody uses a pacifer. We said yes. She gave us a look and said with sympathy in her eyes "Now is the best time to get rid of it. He isn't attached to it and by 8 or 9 months, he will be". WHY DID TRAVIS HAVE TO COME TO THIS APPT?!?

I walked out of there petrified. I knew that Travis was now 100% on board with taking away Brody's pacifier. I was silent in the car on the way home, while Brody cried. He was WAY past his nap time so I stuck my pinky in his mouth and he was passed out in no time. 

When we got home put him in his crib and he automatically started screaming. I walked out in the living room and just started crying. I am kind of embarrassed to admit that. But, it's true. It is so hard to hear your baby scream. Travis agreed that since we screwed up his schedule and he was overly tired, we would give him his pacifier this last time. OKAY:)

I have such a great hubby. He saw how upset I was about this whole situation and told me to come up with a plan and we can discuss it. I told him that Brody has had his pacifier since he was 4 days old--Of course he is already attached to it. The main reason why I was so upset about it was because I was going to be the one home having to deal with the tears and screaming at nap time. So, we decided that Brody will only get his pacifier at nap time during the day. No more having it attached to him all the time. No more popping it in his mouth while we are driving around town. I am SO happy we decided this. 

All in all, Brody's 6 month check up was awesome. He weighs 18.14 lbs(75th) and is 27.5 inches long(90th)! His head is off the charts:)
Although, I think our Doctor needs to not say things like that with husbands in the room:) Come on, lady!

May 21, 2013

Broderick:: A boy of many faces...

Yesterday marked 6 months since our little boy was born! 

I felt I needed to get some photos to document him on his special day. He is so funny--Travis and I are laughing at him all the time. He is sitting up on his own now and much prefers it to laying down. Yesterday I put some cute shoes on him and got my camera out. Enjoy the many faces of our little man! He is just too much!!
 Thank you Meggie for the shoes!!
 A favorite of his--sucking on his lower lip.
 Baby blues...
 I just love getting a photo when he isn't sucking on his lower lip because his lips are the most kissable lips ever!! He gets them from his daddy:)
He looks like a little hillbilly. I promise you, Southern Cali friends, we are not raising a hillbilly up here in NorCal. I figured the fohawk was him representing SoCal;)

May 20, 2013

Broderick:: 6 Months

Happy 6 Months, baby boy!
You are such a joy to be around and we love you very much! 
Thank you for the craziest, most enjoyable and unbelievable 6 months of our lives!

May 18, 2013

Chico, CA Birth Photographer::Emily Anne

I have been on a high the past 24 hours after witnessing little Emily's arrival.  I mean, how could I not be? 

Lynette and Matt are such a great team and let me tell you--Lynette is a champ. Even in between her toughest contractions, she was as sweet as ever! They were both so calm and collected--reading baby name books and reminiscing about their lives together over the past 10 years. They decided to not find out the gender, so everyone was quite eager to welcome this little one!

Before you see these photos and think that Matt was sneaking drugs into Lynette's system--he is a Doctor at Enloe Hospital and got to administer his wife's epidural. Good job, Matt! I think she was pleased:)

Enjoy these photos of this sweet family's addition. 
 Hearing "It's a GIRL!"
 Checking out her daddy for the first time.
Proud Dad sharing the news with family and friends!
This was the last photo that I took of little Emily--I could've stayed all day!
There were a few times before pushing began, that I got so giddy with excitement--knowing that I would get to photograph such a beautiful thing. Wow! It was such a neat experience for me to be there, witnessing this couple meet their newest baby. Thank you for allowing me to be your birth photographer--I am truly honored.

Congratulations, Barron Family!! Emily Anne is the perfect addition to your already beautiful family! 

May 15, 2013

Broderick::Splish Splash

Brody got to play in a kiddie pool for the first time today! We are so blessed to have great friends here in Chico. I don't know what I'd do with my days if it weren't for our friends. 

Hannah invited Brody over for some splashing fun and I, of course, brought my camera to capture B man's first time in the pool. 

I got a swim diaper on him and slid on his swim suit--then I just about died. He looked like such a big boy!! I just wanted to squeeeeze him. 

Anyways, here are a few photos of these cute kids!
 See what I mean?? SO CUTE.
 Baby toes that steal our hearts...
 They were having a blast:)

 And I had to add this last photo because Brody's face just cracks me up and Hannah is loving life!
 To end our time at our friend's house, Brody did something that made me laugh so hard. Hannah was lying on the carpet on her back and Brody was on his tummy. Next thing we know, he planted a BIG kiss on Hannah! Yup--open mouth slobber fest. I better keep a tight rein on this kid...

May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! 

I royally screwed this one up by having WAY too high of expectations. I mean, my husband did really great but...I just shouldn't have pictured the heavenly day that I did. I pictured Brody somehow knowing it was Mother's Day and sleeping in til like 10am. (He is usually up by 7:30am.) Then I pictured napping. And then napping some more. Ha! 

I woke up to coffee and a donut--which was exactly what I asked for! And my husband surprised me with a new sectional for our living room AND put it together all in the same day. This Mother's Day was GREAT! Travis and I just had a little disagreement because I declared it "Mother's Day WEEKEND" and he said there is no such thing. Hmph.

All kidding aside, I am so blessed and thankful for my little family. I still can't quite believe that I am a mommy. 
Travis and I have been blessed to have two great moms in our lives. Both of whom have supported us and loved us unconditionally. I was a tough kid--I snuck around stealing my sister's candy and had my mouth washed out with soap countless times. I'm pretty sure Travis' mom would say he was an angel. Either way, we are so grateful for you two being there for us! We don't know what we would do without you! And to our grandmas, you're awesome. We love you!

I think we can get so wrapped up in our lives and not see that some are hurting--especially on Holidays like today. So to those of you who are hurting, I pray you find joy in the beauty that surrounds you. That's what I'm doing today!

May 10, 2013

Five on Friday

Yes! I am so glad it is Friday--this day feels really good.

My Mom left on Monday and that is never an easy day for me. She is such a big help and so fun to have around. The days following her leaving always leave me feeling kinda blah. She always encourages Travis and I to go on dates so it is just so nice to have her visiting!

Our garden is growing! Our tomato plants are getting little flowers and the squash are sprouting lots of leaves. I'm so excited!

Brody has been awesome at eating baby food. He is definitely more of a fan of sweet potatoes than peas--I don't blame him one bit.

Any of you watch The Voice? I am a big fan of team Usher and team Adam! Shakira is super cute but not a fan of her team's talent. And Blake just seriously cracks me up!

Travis and I are enjoying being parents more than we could have ever imagined. Brody is such a perfect little one. Yesterday he was sitting on my lap and out of nowhere he leaned back, put his hands on my face and lunged his lips onto my face. I practically melted!!! Travis and I are so smitten, it is kind of ridiculous;)
Have a great weekend!!! And enjoy this heat:) We might have to go get little B a pool or something. 

May 7, 2013

Broderick::First Bites

This past weekend while my mom was in town visiting, we decided to give Brody his first taste of baby food. I had some organic sweet potatoes on hand so that's what he got! I steamed them, mashed them up and then froze the rest in an ice cube tray.
 We originally said that we'd wait until he was 6 months to give him food. But at 5 1/2 months, he was showing signs of being really, really interested in our food. He would smack his lips, drool even more, and suck on his lips. We figured it was the right time and he was ready.

When I put the spoon up to his mouth he knew exactly what to do. He did SO great--we were really impressed.
 Brody's reaction to this funky, new stuff in his mouth:)
"Daddy, help me." 
 Then he started huffing for more when the spoon was up by his mouth and getting excited. I have given him sweet potatoes the past three days and he has scarfed it down! Yesterday he was wanting more than the one ice cube of it!
Good job, buddy. You did so great! You are getting to be such a big boy!