October 5, 2012

Five on Friday

This week has FLOWN by. As I'm sure it has for a lot of you. How is it Friday already? Wow. 

Spent a lot more time in the JoAnn's parking lot then planned. My friend Lauren and I went there to get some supplies for crafting. When we went to drive away, there was a thumping sound. Yep--flat tire. We laughed. Honestly, I think we just started laughing. If I was by myself, I might have had a different reaction. I was thankful she was with me, that we could kill some time in Ross across the street, that there was a real tire(not just a spare) under my car, and that our insurance covered everything. 

Had another weird dream last night about this baby boy. He came out early(which I am still thinking he is going to do--preparing for a late arrival, though.) and he had four teeth already. He wouldn't breastfeed and he was crawling around. What the heck is up with my dreams about my baby coming out a crawler!? Maybe it is because Travis jokes that he is going to come out of the womb doing push-ups!:)

My sister in law is on a tour in Ireland with the National Field Hockey team. My mother in law is there and is keeping us updated and Torrie is not disappointing with Instagram pics. Here is a clip of Torrie(#3) scoring two goals! GO USA!

My mom sent me a photo of our little boy's bumper that she made. I can't wait to put it in his crib! I also can't wait to do a blog post of his nursery--I think his room is pretty simple. Nothing crazy and over the top. If we were having a girl, I would've been in trouble. Boys room kinda have to be simple. Do you agree? Otherwise they get too girly:)

Here is a photo of the craft that I did for his room. Supplies needed: Cardboard, Yarn, Exacto Knife, Sharpie. I drew the stencil of the 'B', then cut it out, then wrapped it. The wrapping took WAY longer than I thought it would. I think I spent a total of 6 hours wrapping this thing. Also, you have to be creative when wrapping a 'B'--the curves and edges are tough. I love the outcome. It isn't perfect so don't look too closely:)
Like I mentioned on Instagram, his name is going to be kept a secret. But you all know now that it starts with a 'B'. Don't try guessing--We won't give it away:)

Travis said last night that we should announce his name as Brutus after he is born. I suggested Bartholomew--Bart for short.

Have a great weekend, friends! Thanks for following!

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