April 30, 2013

Broderick::My Baby

As I sit here watching my baby play, hearing the patter of his feet repeatedly slam on the carpet as he lays on his tummy, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. Yes, I am also listening to him fill his diaper but still--gratitude. He is getting the hang of sitting up and it's so fun to watch him learn things.
Every single time I get him out of his crib, my heart turns into a puddle(not literally--but I won't get into my annoyance with the overuse of the word 'literally' right now). His sweet, groggy face looks up at me and I pick up his tiny, sleepy body. I keep thinking that he is growing up so fast but those moments where he slinks into my arms and lays his head on my shoulder remind me that he is my baby. 
And my favorite picture of my baby...

Just look at that smirk!! This will be going up somewhere in our house...

April 29, 2013

Chico, CA Portrait Photographer:: Palmer Family

Like I mentioned in this family's sneak peek, we have known Chris and Ashley before they became parents. It has been awesome watching them grow as a family and now they have two adorable boys!! We had fun on Saturday with them--we were all sweating by the end of this shoot! The boys did great and we are so thankful to do life with these people.

Enjoy some photos of our time together!
I just love this! 
 He is so handsome! 
I love this photo of big brother!
Thank you Palmer Family! We love you guys!

April 27, 2013

Chico, CA Portrait Photography:: Palmer Family Sneak Peek

Travis and I absolutely love this family. We have known Chris and Ashley years before they became parents--before they had these two beautiful boys. Gosh their boys are so handsome! We all braved the heat here in Chico and it was worth it! 

Thank you Palmer Family!! Here's a little sneak peek at our time together. You'll fall in love with them:)
Such a tease, right? I'll be back soon with more of this family--don't you fret!

April 23, 2013

Broderick::Sitting Up

This little baby is becoming quite the little boy! Well, was he ever actually a little baby? I see newborns now and I think "Gosh, Brody was never that little!". And in all reality, he wasn't a little newborn(8.3 lbs) and his head was huge so he never looked teeny tiny to me. But...people tell me he was little. He just got big really fast!:)

Anyways...I got some photos of this little boy sitting up yesterday! He topples over and does lots of face plants. When I was taking his photos yesterday he sat there for a good minute or two without falling over! 

I just love this face!! He a growler...
 His hair is growing in super fast. He has about 5 pieces left of his hair that he was born with--I will never cut them. (Tear)
I did not enhance the color of his eyes at all...we have a blue-eyed babe!

These overalls just KILL me. I want to dress him in them every day now--My little NorCal boy;)

Thanks for following our little space here. We have lots of Portrait Sessions coming up so stayed tuned for other people on here besides our little boy!:)

April 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! 
Monday was my birthday and I got totally spoiled. My parents sent me sweet cards and two awesome books! One Organic cookbook and one novel--can't wait to look through them! Travis' parents were visiting and took us to the best Steakhouse in town!! My husband and I think it is pretty funny(and awesome!) that his parents always visit for my birthday but not his. I'm definitely their only favorite daughter in law! 

I'm kind of shocked that we only went to In N Out two times during Travis' week off. Maybe we will treat ourselves with a burger this weekend to celebrate!;)

We've been struggling to get Brody to take a bottle. He had taken a few when he was around 6 weeks old but we didn't make it a priority since then so he has gotten really used to the real thing. Travis tried a few times but just got screamed at. So, Grandma to the rescue!! He took TWO bottles with her! Well, he only drank a little over half of them but still--I consider that a success! She didn't mind the screaming--she had 5 kids:)

I've been curling my hair recently(Thank Ashleigh for the quick tips!) and I've burned myself twice. I use my straightener and my fingers have clipped the side. I'm pretty sure Haymitch gave Katniss some lanolin cream when she was burned in The Hunger Games. That stuff heals anything!

Yesterday I blogged about Brody's schedule. I should have known better. He fought his last nap and won! Ugh--1 point for Brody. Although, then he fell asleep during his last feeding and went straight to bed. 1 point for mommy?
Have a great weekend(I almost typed Have a great feeding)! Mommy brain is alive and well.

Enjoy this awesome weather and thanks for following!

April 18, 2013

Broderick::4 months

Sorry for the lack of posting--we have had family in town for the past week! Lots of fun and pretty busy. Although, we did lay around the house lots too:)

Broderick was spoiled like crazy by his grandparents. He got lots of snuggles and he even took a few bottles from Travis' Mom (which has been a struggle).

A few new things that Brody is doing during his fourth month--rolling over lots from his back to his tummy, grabbing his toes, drooling buckets, sleeping on his side and eventually rolling to his tummy for the latter end of his naps. This kind of made me nervous at first but he is pretty strong and does a great job at lifting his head and turning it to the side to breathe.

4 Month Check up:
17lbs. 3oz. 90%
26 inches 90%
Head circ.44.7cm 97%

See the drool I was talking about?? BUCKETS. I really don't mind the drool but Travis--he can't take it. He is wiping it up every chance he gets!

So, I've had people ask me what his schedule usually looks like, so here you go. Brody has officially dropped his last nap. We had him drop this nap because we had to wake him up a few times because when we would put him down for a nap around 6pm, he would just keep sleeping as if it were bedtime. Here is what our days look like:

7:30-8am--wake up
play and hang out while mommy & daddy eat dinner
8:30--down for the night

Travis will get him out of his crib every morning. If I get him, he usually wants to eat right away. This...I like very much:) I get to sleep another 30 minutes or so while Brody and Travis hang out while Daddy eats breakfast. Win-win:)

Travis is the one to put him to bed every night too. I'm a blessed woman:) I feed him and hand him off to Daddy for bed time. Travis is much better at swaddling him then I am. We are going to have to stop swaddling him soon--we is totally out of it by the time he wakes up. We only swaddle him at nighttime. He sleeps in his crib for all of his naps and bedtime. What a trooper!

His naps range anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. If he wakes up around 45 minutes he is usually still tired but won't go back to sleep. We all are in better moods after the 1.5 hour naps:)

He is seriously such a joy to be around. He is a very easy-going baby. He sleeps great (Praise the Lord!) and he smiles at everyone--even the old ladies who come up to us in every store we go into. I don't tell them that he smiles at everyone:) They think they are special so I'll just let them keep thinking that! 

I'm so thankful for this little space where I can document Brody's life and share it with you! Thanks for following!

April 5, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! 
Travis, Brody, and I went for a walk Tuesday night. We ended up being those parents with the screaming baby who is kicking in mom's arms while dad pushes the empty stroller that said baby is supposed to be quietly sleeping in:)

A lot of our friends are on Spring Break right now--not as students but as the teachers. Makes me feel old:) Anyways, we had friends over for dinner. Travis BBQ'd some chicken and it made me really excited for summer! I can't wait to see Brody's little bum crawling around in the grass.

My gardening skills needs some sharpening. I just pray we get one good vegetable outta this whole thing. Travis said to me last night "You're doing great so far"! Um, I've had to start over twice but thanks babe.

I ended up doing all of our grocery shopping at Trader Joes this week. I forgot to grab sweet potatoes so the cashier person asked someone to go grab some for me. They asked "Do you want regular or organic?"...pause...people are listening..."Oh, I'll take organic. Thanks!" Ha!! 

I feel like I no longer have a baby--I have a kid. Although, come on Danielle, he is only 4 months old! But he faced out in his stroller today when we went on our walk. That officially makes him a big boy(in my mind)!
Have a great weekend!!

Broderick::Roller Coaster

Now, I apologize in advance if this is a rambling of sorts. I just finished a strong cup of coffee:)

I have been thinking this week about how my emotions as a mom can be like a roller coaster. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my son and being his mom. I would not want it any other way. I just wish that I could keep my emotions and thoughts more even-keeled. 

One day it feels like I am on cloud nine--he naps great, he is super smiley and snugly, I get rest and I feel accomplished. I think "How can people not want to be be home with their kids all day"? The next day I can't imagine having any more kids!! I think "Nope, single child it is!" The next day I want to be pregnant again and on our way to having a big family. The following day I think that we are just going to jump straight to adoption instead of having any more biological children first because, Lord, I don't want to push another human being out of me(and deal with that horrible recovery!)! Then I look at Brody sleeping, so peaceful, and I want to start decorating the next Nursery...

Seven days of the week--it could change every hour, really. On and on it goes...I'm a mess--please tell me you can relate.

But then I think about why my feelings seem like such a roller coaster. Well, that's life. There are highs and lows, ups and downs. It really stems from where I am trying to find my joy. Am I going throughout my day being joyful? Or am I just being so selfish as to not see the big picture? This life isn't about me. It isn't about my comfort and happiness. In fact, it is FAR from that. This life is about bringing glory to Him. My joy, happiness and day to day life are a reflection of His plan--To bring glory to Himself through the people who love Him. 

That is the big picture.

So, how can I then be less of a roller coaster wreck? By training myself to see the big picture. We, of course, will still have ups and downs. That is inevitable and we are told this. However, not only should the ups bring Him glory--but the downs as well. There will be days(lots) where I feel like crying out "I can't do this and I'm struggling"! On those days, the people who surround me and pick me up are doing exactly that--bringing Him glory. The way that I respond to Broderick in those difficult times will, hopefully, be an example to not only him but the people we do life with. And when my response isn't exactly what I would want it to be, there is grace. 

And if parenting doesn't teach you to appreciate grace, I'm not sure what will.
We are so thankful for our friend Eddie who takes our photos!

Thanks for following our little space here.

April 3, 2013

Chico, CA Newborn Photographer:: Kennedy

I love my job--I mean seriously, who gets to go hang out with sweet little babes like this girl?? Kennedy was born into a beautiful family. She has two older sisters who you can tell are just smitten with her--And rightfully so. Little Kennedy is just adorable and I fell in love with her full head of hair! Thank you so much Marissa and Brooks for allowing us to be a part of your lives! We are blessed by you. 

Welcome to the world Kennedy Grace!
The bows get me everytime...
 Marissa you are beautiful!
Look at that full head of hair!
 This daddy is surrounded by girls--but I don't think he minds one bit.
What a stunning family! 
Thank you for being such great people, Rehkopfs! Congratulations on your sweet, new babe!

Oh, and P.S.--Marissa has her own blog and Etsy shop. Check her out!

April 2, 2013

Tahoe:: Time with Family

Brody and I spent some time in South Lake Tahoe this past week with my family. It was so great being around all of my sisters and my mom. We went for a nice hike, went to our favorite little restaurant, ate yummy home-cooked meals, and enjoyed dying Easter eggs. 

Brody definitely got spoiled! I was lonely at 7:30am so I woke everyone up with his cute little face--they couldn't get mad at him:) 
Nana and Brody--he loves her!
 At The Beacon Restaurant. 
 One of my favorite things about this trip is that I finally saw a bear! I have an irrational fear of bears--like, I literally have nightmares of them every time I visit Tahoe. So, this helped me understand that they really are docile creatures--at least here in Tahoe. I feel one with the bear.;)
 Our attempt at getting a photo of all of us. Tends to be a problem when you have a DSLR--other people aren't quite sure how to use it.
We walked around the lake and skipped rocks. It was pretty amazing!

Thanks for the great trip, Mom!! Can't wait to visit again!