March 16, 2012


Not sure what to title this blog post since it is kind of a random post. The weather in Chico has been rainy and I am kind of enjoying it. It gives me extra incentive to sit on the couch and sip some tea.
Hearing the rain and wind outside makes me very, very thankful for the walls around me and the roof over my head.
I told my mom in Hawaii that she can take me with her on any trip because I was basically their personal Photographer. I got to document their trip and probably got in about two pictures myself. Thankful that my little sister was such a quick learner because she was able to get this photo of my mom and me before we went to my first luau. 
This is the pig that was dug up at the Luau--was a great time! (Well, not for the pig.)
On the Road to Hana in Maui--Seven Sacred Pools.
 I added some yellow to our wreath to make it a little more Spring-like. It makes me happy when I see it hangin' there when I pull up to the driveway after work:)
Quite a random post, huh? Well, I will be posting more Hawaii pictures eventually. 

I hope some of you have more sunshine than rain in your forecast this weekend!