May 30, 2012

Special Moments

The special moments in life are fleeting. But, there are so many that it keeps me on my toes--waiting for the next to arrive.

Last night Travis and I were getting ready for bed. He came and sat next to me with his head resting on my stomach. He said "Hi." I just assumed he was talking to me. Then he said "I am your father." You know, in the Darth Vader voice...who could resist saying it like that? Then I think he said something about playing sports like "Singles and doubles, singles and doubles." or "I will teach you to hit a your uncle Kyle or Aunt Torrie can." Then I told him to keep talking to the baby and he stopped. I think it got a little too sentimental for him and his coaching lesson was done.

Yes, I am a sentimental sap. But I would much rather be aware of special moments than not appreciate them. I consider my husband talking to our little baby in my tummy to be a special moment. I'm sure once our little one is born, I will be overwhelmed with special moments. I'm sure my idea of a "special moment" will grow to unimaginable heights.

I want to get this poster for the Nursery. I think it speaks to the idea that special moments, especially in a baby's life, are fleeting. Time goes quickly.

I write and take photographs and share. Sometimes this blog is an outlet for me-- most of the time it is to share photographs to clients, friends, and family. Every post is special and involves moments in my life or other people's lives that they appreciate.

As I ponder these special moments in life--the ones that just keep getting better, I pray that there are lots, lots, lots more of you who are aware of them. Create them, be a part of them, appreciate them.

May 29, 2012

15 weeks

Well, we are out of the first trimester and onto bigger and better things! My belly is starting to pop a little and hopefully the nausea in the morning is getting close to being done. I must say this has already gone by quickly.

Sportin' some Memorial Day attire and a little baby bump...

I want to make sure I remember all the little things so in a way this blog will have a little bit of a pregnancy journal.

Weeks: 15
Weight gain: 2 lbs.
Changes: Having to sleep on my sides. Pants are uncomfortable buttoned. I am in the cleavage club--what, what?!
Maternity clothes: Been wearing most of my regular clothes but have worn a few shirts and a dress. Less as necessity and more because I am excited!
Cravings: Carbs. Not wanting meat.
Best moment this week: Making our appointment to find out the sex--June 22nd!
Worst moment this week: Nothing.
Movement: Not yet but I absolutely can't wait to feel him or her!
Miss anything: Sleeping on my stomach. 
Looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat again tomorrow! 

May 16, 2012

Chico California Photographer::Graduate Katelyn

Okay, Katelyn is seriously one of the happiest people I know. Every time I see her, she has a smile on her face. Most of the time I see her she is working so that says a lot! I was excited to get to photograph Katelyn again--her and her roommates were some of the first people I photographed when trying to start this whole Photography business. 
We are thrilled for her that she is just about done at Chico State but will be sad to see her go, if she is lead outside of Chico. Especially when I come in to get my White Mocha and Katelyn isn't the one taking my order! 
Katelyn is beautiful and her smile is contagious.
The whole family was in town to celebrate Katelyn's 21st birthday.
 Katelyn, selfishly I hope you stay in Chico but I know there are big plans for you either here or elsewhere. Congratulations!

May 13, 2012

Chico California Photographer::Graduate Carina

It was so much fun working with Carina. This lady has some style. Her dad brought their horse to the photoshoot and it was quite comical at some points. The horse was kind of photo shy but got used to us. Carina is just beautiful and I'm thankful we got to work with her! Enjoy these photos from our time spent together.
 I loved the lighting at the end of our shoot--she looks just gorgeous!
Congratulations on graduating, Carina! You are beautiful.

May 11, 2012

Chico California Engagement Photographer::Tom and Amber

We have known these two for a few years now--that went by fast. Travis used to work with Amber and we are so glad that our paths have crossed. Tom and Amber really are sweet people and we have enjoyed getting to know them and spending time together. Tom has a sweet heart and Amber is such a hard worker. 

We are looking forward to your wedding next month, you two! Will be so great to see you as husband and wife!
I love Tom's smirk here...

 This wedding will be great and I know both of these two will be happy when the planning stops and they are mr. and mrs.


May 9, 2012

Desires of my heart

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I have been thinking about what it will be like to be a mom. Yes, I know the stages children go through. I understand that I will want to pull my hair out some days and wonder which friend of mine will take my kid for an hour so I can get my sanity back. But, I am thinking more about the bigger picture--The desires of my heart as a mother.

I desire that my children know their maker.
I desire to be a positive role model--in spite of the times of frustration.
I desire that friends will come to me for advice and encouragement. Not because I act like I have it all figured out but because I love them and their children well.
I want to be humble enough to say I'm sorry--to my children and their daddy.
I desire that when they grow up, they say that their mom was the type of parent they want to be.
I want their friend's parents to want to have my children over to play--because they are respectful, loving, and well-behaved.
I desire for my children to know how much Travis and I love them.
I know I will not be perfect, that I will fall--but, I desire the strength to dust my pants off and try again.
I desire the patience to discipline well.
I desire to have enough thankfulness to not be a parent who complains about the stressors of parenthood.(remind me of this when I complain, please!)
I desire to acknowledge each day as new.
I desire for my children to have joyful hearts.
I desire the ability to model to my children how to speak the truth in love.
I really desire that my children strive to speak kind words to others and to think kind thoughts about themselves.

I imagine that when I have a newborn my desires will look like this...

I desire sleep.
I desire a maid.
I desire sleep.
I desire Jenny Craig.
I desire sleep.

May 7, 2012

Legitimate reasons...

I've had legitimate reasons of why I wanted an iPhone. I told Travis that once we have kids I'll want one for picture taking, videos, and being able to post said things online for family and friends to see.

We have had upgrades for our phones for over a year. Because our current phones were working fine, we didn't feel the need to get new ones. They started acting up...I am now a part of the cool people crowd. Just kidding. But, I do have an iPhone now!

I was laying in bed last night with our laptop on my lap and my iPhone in my hand--I was figuring out how to use it. Travis came over to me and started talking to my belly and kissing it--I know, he is wonderful. So, I told him to stop reprimanding our baby for making me sick(kidding) and to hold still for a picture!

One of the first Apps I got was Instagram--I am so excited! Will be fun to share photos of this pregnancy and just life in general. Right now my belly just looks chubby at night after eating all day. No one wants to see that. But, once I start to show there will be Instagram pics galore!

Thank you everyone for your sweet words! Will be a grand adventure.

May 6, 2012


Travis and I are overjoyed to announce that we have a sweet, little, bun in the oven!
We got to see our little babe and hear his or her heartbeat at 10 weeks and it was very surreal and emotional. Right when we saw the baby on the screen, he was jumping around--it was so cute! 

I asked Travis after the appointment if seeing the baby made him love our little one. He said he already loved the baby before the appointment--melts my heart. I think I was kind of protecting myself, wanting to see the baby before becoming attached. Well, I am stuck like glue and keep looking at my belly in awe that there is a little miracle growing so perfectly. I am getting a little glimpse into that love that parents feel for their children and it is quite overwhelming--I'm already dreaming of kissing his or her chubby cheeks and seeing Travis love his baby. Ah!

Our due date is November 20th and we could not be more excited about the time of year our little babe will be born. Just in time to get lots of snuggles from family at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. We have a few Fall weddings to photograph and it will all work out perfectly. God's plan always ends up so much better than our own.

Yes, we will be finding out the sex as soon as we can. I am a planner and could not handle that wait. We will find out in June if this little one is a boy or a girl--then the decorating begins! (The Doc said the heartbeat was fast and sounded like a girl...)

Well, I really could write for days about my thoughts, feelings, etc. about being a mommy. But, I have about 7 more months for that and I promised myself that I'd keep this one short and sweet.

We truly believe that every child is a gift from the Lord and we are so thankful that we are finally going to get to experience this gift.