August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

Well this will be written quickly so please excuse the typos and lack of cohesion:) Brody is surely going to wake up in the middle of me writing this..

As you might have read in my last post, my hubby was out of town for a few days. He is home and all is right in the world again (I actually kinda hate that saying--So selfish).

Once again, I am so grateful for our friends. We eat dinner a lot with friends and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Want to know something SUPER exciting? I straightened my hair today. If you had my thick--ridiculously thick--hair then you'd be pretty excited, too! I feel bad for my hair stylist...

I cleaned my hubby's grill while he was away. Our neighbors once came to check on our house when Travis was grilling. They thought there was a fire from all of the smoke--it needed to be cleaned. 

We went to Farmer's Market last night and enjoyed a little family picnic. Then our good friends met us for dessert. It was a great night.

 Have a great 3 day weekend, everyone! 

August 27, 2013

Broderick::This Mama isn't ready...

I had the opportunity to have two days baby-free. I went to tea with some of my girlfriends yesterday and they lovingly talked me into saying yes. So, I said "Yes". I told Travis that he could take Brody. He was shocked and super excited. 
That night I went grocery shopping to get Brody some food and some formula to supplement because I didn't have enough milk stored up. Then the doubts started flooding in...

After going shopping and pulling into the driveway, I freaked out. I walked in and gave Travis "the look". He knew. He said "Let's talk--tell me what you're feeling". Tears. Tears came pouring out and I just sat there. I didn't really know what I was feeling. I told him I was nervous that I'd be sad the whole time. Is that just ridiculous??

I gave him excuse after excuse. "If I had enough milk...", "If I didn't have to sleep alone one night...", "I'm worried about his schedule...", "I don't feel like I NEED two days away from him"... etc.  

I even said "What if you both die in a plane crash and I'm left with no one?!"

He told me they were just excuses. He was right. But in the end, I just told him that I wasn't ready. 

And do you know what he said? 

"I know." 

I said "Wait? You knew I'd change my mind?"


"I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?"

"You didn't do anything wrong."

Travis, you're the best.

I know that Brody would have had a blast and been well taken care of. I just wasn't ready to give him up. 

Next time, I'll try my best to let go. I mean, really though--look at this face...
Call it what you will--you're probably thinking that I'm crazy for not taking up the opportunity to have two days to myself. And, maybe I am just that--crazy! 

Am I just nuts?? Have you gone through something like this? How did you let go?

(Photos were taken on our Indiana trip when Brody tried the swing for the first time!)

August 21, 2013

Broderick:: Nine months

We were on a walk this morning and I asked Travis if today was Brody's 9 months. Nope, it was yesterday. Well at least I took these photos yesterday! Happy 9 months, little man. You make our lives so much more crazy enjoyable :)
 This is the look that he gives people when he snuggles in my arms, head nuzzled against my chest and pretends to be shy.
 He has two teeth on the bottom and more coming in on the top. This has been his new smile the past few days. Mouth closed, lips plump like his daddy's. It makes him look like such a big boy!! His facial expressions change so much. Sometimes I think he is Travis' mini and sometimes he doesn't look like either of us. 
 He has definitely become a mama's boy. He does not like being a room by himself and will crawl so fast to follow us around the house.
 This boy is starting to show us how he wants things to go around here :) And that has been interesting. He is pretty sensitive--so a simple, stern "no" can usually get him pretty upset. We will see how long that lasts!
Brody has become an early riser(6:30ish)and must think we are ready to party at that ghastly time of day. We've tried later bed time, letting him cry, giving him his paci, etc. Nope--it is party time.

Besides the teething fussiness, he really is such an enjoyable and fairly relaxed baby. The crawling has given him some proud independence and he loves crawling around the kitchen and playing tag & peekaboo.

We are enjoying this stage so much! His laughs are contagious and he is pretty fun. Now I really have to start planning his first birthday. Ah!

August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

Considering that I am debating taking a nap and it is only 8:30am, I'd say it is safe to say this week was a whirlwind!!

Travis was gone on a four day fishing trip. Sleeping alone is tough for me but we got through it and he is home--With lots of yummy Mahi Mahi and Bluefin Tuna! Yum. We provided some friends with the fillets and they are cooking it for us tonight. Can't wait!!

Got to get out and photograph a sweet Maternity session last night. Feels so good to be artistic and behind my camera. It truly makes me happy!

Leftover pizza has been my bff the past few days. Cold, leftover pizza. Yum, again.

I spent a decent amount of time in both Target and Old Navy this week. Just walkin' the AC. And making silly faces at Brody in the changing room mirror--the kid loves mirrors!

I'm so grateful for friends. Truly. Friends helped make those four days sans daddy go by much more easily. Thank you! Although, Brody and Hannah are becoming a little too good of friends:) 
"We leave them alone for two seconds...(seriously, we have to separate them constantly)."

Have a great weekend, friends! I'm off to take a nap while the little man sleeps....we'll see how long that lasts!:)

August 13, 2013

Birth Photography:: Memories Fade

You are all probably getting sick of hearing me rant and rave about Birth Photography. Well, I just can't help myself! I am in love with these moments I get to be a part of.

I was looking through our Facebook page and came across the following photo...
 Without this photo, this memory would fade. But with this photo, the memories come flooding back. I can remember that moment like it was yesterday. I remember feeling this odd combination of exhilarating exhaustion. 
This sweet, perfect baby just laying there--knowing that he was in his mother's arms. I know he knew. He was breathing so deeply and quietly. I examined his milky face and was in awe of his adorable dimple chin--the one thing that he got from me:)

There was a long road of recovery ahead for me but none of that even entered my mind. I was in complete peace--something I had not ever experienced before. He was here.
The photo above on the left hangs on our living room wall. 

Once again, I truly cannot express how grateful I am for the photos. To our friend, Eddie, who ran into the hospital room just in time for pushing to start--you captured the most exciting moments of our lives thus far. Thank you. 

Now our son is almost 9 months old. Looking through these photos of his arrival still brings me to tears. Don't hesitate to contact me for Birth Photography! I promise, you will be so happy to have these photos. And so will your babies!

August 12, 2013

Reflection::Reality Check

I've been doing a lot of reflecting the past few days. Mostly on motherhood and really, to be honest, how little I have it together. 

I spent the last week in Indiana with my wonderful mother in law. We were watching my two nieces (ages 2.5 and 1yr.) and Brody. 

We laughed at crazy baby bedhead and picked out sweet little girl outfits. We had a lot of chalk-filled, sunny days. 

Amidst the chaos of three babies, I lost my patience. I used the phrase "because I said so", I said "NO" a lot and I dreamt of my own bed. 

I demanded a lot out of my nieces and I doubt they will call me the "fun aunt". There was a lot of "Stop whining right now" and "You need to be gentle to the baby". 

 And in the end, I walked away knowing I truly do NOT have it together. It is humbling. It is humbling to know that I will not always do the right thing. I will have to apologize to my babies. 

A lot.

Here is Brody's "Good try, Mom. Better luck next time!" face...
He had just attempted to swipe his cousin's sprinkle donut...she was too quick.

Reflection like this is freeing. It is freeing to know that no one has it together and there is grace. It is good to get a reality check every once in a while. This parenting thing will be tough.

Reflection allows me to admit my shortcomings and know that this journey of parenthood is truly a journey.

August 8, 2013

Find Them.

"Those motherhood moments are life gifts. Find them. Don't let them go."
"Those motherhood moments are life gifts. Find them. Don't let them go."