January 25, 2013

Five on Fridays

Wait--is it seriously already Friday? How did that happen so fast?

We flew back to Chico from San Diego on Monday. We got to have breakfast and coffee with our friend Brit that morning. We have amazing friends who took our car for two weeks so we didn't have to pay for parking. We love you Brit and Casey! 

Tuesday night we left for Sacramento for Travis' training. Unpacked suitcases from San Diego and packed one for Sacramento. Ah! Living out of a suitcase was driving me crazy.

Brody and I spent most of our days in the hotel room. It was rainy and gross out, otherwise we would have walked around the Galleria and whatnot. We did, however, spend 4 hours in Target. This Target had a Starbucks in it so that made it better. We had to check out of the hotel so Target was the best option of where we would spend our afternoon:)

On our way out of town we stopped by Anthropologie and every time I am in that store I want to win a home makeover and tell them to just shop there! So many fun decor ideas!

I took Brody grocery shopping by myself for the first time today. I debated whether or not to just go home and do it this weekend but I wanted to get some stuff for dinner tonight. So, with the rain clouds glooming overhead, I made the drive to the store. I could hear Brody grunting in his carseat. To the bathroom we go! Well, to spare you the gory details, Brody pooped through three diapers and one outfit in 5 minutes in the gross grocery bathroom. Of course, I instagramed it:)

Happy weekend!!

January 18, 2013

Five on Fridays

We've been on vacation the last two weeks so please excuse my lack of Five on Fridays. I have lots more than five things I could share about our week but I will try to stick to the guidelines here:)
We are staying at Travis' parent's house this week for the last week of our vacation. They are having their Master bathroom redone so there are 8 of us sharing one bathroom:) That smiley face is sarcasm.

I have been able to spend lots of time with my twin sister this week. It is so much fun for me to see her with Brody. She is one proud auntie--that's for sure!

Travis' parents are always so generous with their time and house. We say "Hey, we are having some friends over" and they never have an issue with it. It's so nice. All that to share that we had a fun little dessert get together with some friends on Wednesday. Travis' older sister did her thing and spoiled us with homemade blueberry pie and baked brie--yummmm.

Coffee dates with friends are one of my favorite things. So glad a good friend from High school invited me to a morning coffee date. I really enjoyed it. Brody enjoyed sleeping in his car seat too.

My sister and I went to Target together yesterday just to get some essentials. You would've thought we were going on a full blown shopping spree with how excited I was to be there! Travis stayed home with the baby and I was walking rather slowly through those aisles:)
Thank you for following!

Some highlights from your week??

January 17, 2013

Broderick::Comfort and Real Life

It is still so surreal to me that I am a mom. When I talk to friends of mine who have kids, they say the same thing--that it takes a while to understand that this baby is really mine.

One thing that makes this seem more real to me is when I realize that Broderick finds the most comfort in my arms. My arms. That amazes me. I pray that this is not always the case--that he will, at a young age, find the most comfort in his Savior. But for now, it brings me so much joy. 
He falls asleep easiest in my arms, his cries calm down quickest in my arms, and his smiles appear fastest in my arms. Well, maybe that last one isn't really true. Brody seems to smile most at his daddy. Which also brings me so much joy.
Side note: I have had a lot of friends ask me if having Brody has been as easy as I am portraying. An honest statement: The good outweighs the bad. In my opinion he has been an easy baby. I was preparing for a tough one--as much as you can. I am tired and sometimes feel overwhelmed with the new responsibilities. I feel like I truly appreciate how great he sleeps. That was my biggest fear because I need about 11 hours to feel rested (which does NOT happen). I will try my best to share the tough moments here as well. Because they are there. They are definitely there. 

Travis and I are figuring out how to make each other a priority. Brody has definitely made that more difficult. But we are working on it and looking forward to finding a normal--work, family, & fun. Right now we are both just LOVING having our little man. I can't count how many times we simply sit in awe of him. We are blessed and joyful people.

Thank you for following our blog. I am absolutely loving getting inquiries for Wedding and Portrait Photography so keep them coming! It makes me giddy when I get emails from you all!

January 9, 2013

Vacation:: Everyday Moments

Brody has had a lot more alert, awake time and it is so fun to see him interact with people. He was sitting on Grandpa's lap the other morning and was sharing some sweet smiles.
We walked down to the beach the other day--it was beautiful. I have always said that I'm not a beach girl but any time I am there, I fall in love.
 Yesterday we took the short drive to Dana Point. We walked around and got some ice cream at one of the shops. 
 Auntie Torrie is the best baby snuggler! 
 It has been a lot of fun so far! We are all thinking this vacation house might have to turn into a yearly thing:)

January 7, 2013

Vacation::Morning Time

We are spending this week with Travis' family in San Clemente at a vacation house. 
Sprinkle donuts and French Pressed coffee--what vacation mornings are all about.
 We plan on being in our jammies a bit longer this lazy morning. Brody might just be in his all week long...

January 2, 2013

Broderick::First Smiles

Brody is 6 weeks old and is now officially smiling at us. No more mistaking it for gas--he recognizes us and gives us the sweetest grins! 

I rolled the little guy on his back after some tummy time today and he was so happy. I grabbed the camera and he gave me some sweet faces so I thought I'd share. 
Travis and I keep saying to each other that he is growing so fast and it makes us sad. But, with growth comes things like smiles--we are loving it.
He continues to be a great baby--We are getting his schedule down and enjoying our days. I try to get out often but I definitely save the big errands for when Travis is with me. 

He eats about 7 times a day and sleeps really well at night--usually a 7-8 hour stretch then another 3-3.5 hours after he eats. He is sleeping in his room now but still in his little rocker. We didn't want to get him used to his crib because he will be sleeping in his rocker while in San Diego during our vacation next week. The past 4 nights he has slept 9 hours straight but I am not going to jinx it by calling it his normal:) I know how lucky we are and we are definitely not taking it for granted!
I am looking forward to hearing his giggles for the first time and so much more!! 

Happy New Year and thanks for following!