October 28, 2012

36 Weeks

Wow, I can't believe we are 36 weeks!! That sounds so far along--and it is! 

I have been feeling great...considering I am carrying around 25+ extra pounds and can't touch my toes. It is getting more difficult to sit comfortably because I feel like I might choke up my stomach. But, I really do feel good. I am sleeping great. I have to get up to go pee about 5 times a night but I fall right back to sleep. 
Weeks: 36
Weight gain: about 27 lbs total.
Baby's size: around 6 pounds and over 18 inches long.
Changes: At about 4pm every day I desperately want a nap! I haven't given into this too much because I am also nesting. So, instead of taking a nap I'll scrub the shower or dust:)
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Food cravings: Oreos.
Food aversions: Nothing really.
Best moment this week: Maternity pictures!! Thank you Katelyn Owens Photography! I can't wait to see the photos!!!
Worst moment this week: Getting more stretch marks. None on the belly so far but my right boob is covered--so weird! 
Missing Anything: Being able to bend over/do things easily. Travis has helped me a lot taking off and putting on shoes and clothes!
Looking forward to: We have another ultrasound on Monday because I am still measuring small. Last time the baby was measuring two weeks big so I am excited to see him again and see how big he is. We also have our first appointment on Friday where the doctor will check my cervix. Not excited about the check but interested to see if I am dilated or effaced at all. 

Thanks for following! It's almost November!!

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