March 29, 2013

Five on Friday

This is a fun Five on Friday for me:) I am on vacation in Lake Tahoe with my family and loving it out here! My mom has lived here since I graduated high school--such a great place to visit! Anyways, on with my Five!
I don't know why but on Monday as I was packing our suitcase, I found it really really cute that Brody and I were sharing a suitcase. His little boy clothes melt my heart!

We met Travis for lunch before we left on Tuesday. We had Brody's four month check up(He is a champ!) and then we were off! He slept the whole way to Sacramento so this mom was happy!!

I've been sleeping in the same room as Brody these past few days at my mom's. Makes me realize why we put him in his own room at 6 weeks! I hear every sigh and little noise. I guess it is true that vacations with babies require another vacation afterwards just to recuperate! 

My mom is all about organic, homemade, natural foods. She is a great cook! We've had awesome meals here. Does that cancel out all the cupcakes I've eaten?

We went on a nice hike this week. It was Brody's first time in the snow!! We took a few water breaks--I'm blaming my huffin' and puffin' on the altitude:) Oh, and that extra almost 20 pounds that I was carrying!
Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!! 

March 25, 2013

Chico, CA Newborn Photographer:: Kennedy Sneak Peek

Travis and I went to Sacramento to photograph little Kennedy this past weekend. We know her parents and their family from High School and it was so much fun to spend time with them! I should have taken photos of their gorgeous home to share with you all--it is stunning!! Anyways, I had to share another sneak peek of Kennedy because she is just adorable. Check out her amazing hair! 
Can't wait to share more of this precious girl and her family. We are so blessed to work with such amazing people!!

March 22, 2013

Five on Friday

I am especially loving this Friday because we are still in pajamas at noon and Travis has tomorrow off, which is a treat! 

Once again, the Moms group that I attend on Mondays had me walking away encouraged and ready for action! It really spurs on great conversation between Travis and I--I could not be more excited about hearing these marriage and mothering lessons. (Hi Lindy!)

We walked to get froyo this week--it is just a few blocks from our house. Travis filled up the cup with his fave and I wasn't a fan. That's probably better that I didn't eat it anyways. That batch of cookies I made this week, well, lets just say Travis didn't eat that many and they are already gone.

Gearing up for a Newborn Session in Sacramento tomorrow. I'm so excited to photograph little Kennedy and make a day trip out of it! Maybe a stop by Ikea?:)

I actually got out of bed this morning before the other two in my house were up, which is quite a miracle. We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Brody and I then hung out on our bed while Travis got ready for work--it was a relaxing morning and I know Travis loved not having to make himself oatmeal:)

I put up some Easter decorations this week. The bunnies are from PierOne and a friend gave us the Keep Calm sign. I made the little banner that is stamped "He is Risen". I can't believe Easter is next weekend! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for following:) 

March 15, 2013

Five on Friday

Here we are--it's Friday!!

Can I just start off by saying how amazing the weather has been this week??? We've been outside more than the previous weeks and it's been awesome. 

Travis and I walked to a friends house for dinner on tuesday. It was delicious--thank you Reids! We also walked to the grocery store one evening. Brody slept both times:)

I planned a trip to Tahoe in less than two weeks. Brody and I will be picking up two of my sisters in Sac then heading to Tahoe for four days! All 5 of us daughters will be with my mom. Sister and mom time is just what I've been dreaming of!

Most of my tomatoes plants keeled over, I think from a lack of heat. But a few have done great with this week's weather and that's all we need!!

Got to sneak in to watch my baby sleep this morning. It's the most peaceful thing I've ever done. I can't express enough the joy he brings us!
Have a great weekend, friends! We are about to take our second walk of the day:)

March 11, 2013

Broderick::Enjoying These Times

The past few weeks had me in a depressing mood. I think it was a combination of staying inside too much, having a lot on our plates and me realizing just how quickly our little boy is growing up. I mean, in all reality, he is only 3 months old but these past 3 months have gone by so fast! I miss how little he used to be and how he used to fit so perfectly in my lap. 

Today has been a new day--a change of mindset, if you will:). I am thoroughly enjoying these times. Travis and I were talking about how fun this stage is because he isn't mobile yet but definitely has a little personality. We can lay him on our bed while we are getting ready in the morning and just listen to him coo & watch him stare intently at the fan circling over his head. 
As you can tell in the pictures above, he has lost most of his amazing baby hair but lots more has grown in. He has a mullet in the back and straggly pieces on the top of his head. It is amazing how, as a mom, you even think straggly hair is cute!

At 3 months Brody has learned to blow spit bubbles, really lift his head at tummy time, grab toys in front of him & pull them into his mouth, grab our hands as we are changing his diaper, roll on his sides, and lots more. He has rolled from his tummy to his back twice but it isn't consistent. His giggles are infectious. He is such a happy and content baby. 

He usually goes to bed around 8 or 9pm and sleeps in until 7 or 8am. Yeah, it is unreal. Every night we pray for great sleep and every morning we wake up just amazed that he did it again. We are so thankful for his sweet personality that we have be able to see so far. 
 Oh, and he is often wearing a bib because he drools everywhere!
He loves it when Travis throws him up in the air and tosses him around a bit. As long as it isn't right after a feeding I'm okay with it:) He does great with new people and is such a joy to be around. 

So although I can sometimes get in a sad, reminiscent mood, we are most definitely enjoying these times.

Thanks for following our family:)

March 6, 2013

I Am Learning

I am learning to be loving. We are called to love and this is not always easy. In fact, most of the time it is painfully hard. But I am learning that this is a high calling and something we can all be a part of.

I am learning that my insecurities are silly--people are not paying attention to what I am doing, saying, wearing, etc. They are more preoccupied with what they are doing, saying, wearing, etc. 

I am learning that a smile goes a long way.

I am learning how to communicate with my husband. We thought we had it down...then this little person came into our lives and now we are learning every day that we are far from being communication experts. Thank God for grace.

To tie into the last mentioned, I am learning patience. Whew.

I am learning to say no. That is a tough one. Especially when you want to say yes but you have learned the tough way that sometimes saying no speaks more about your character than saying yes.

I am learning that our son is going to keep growing and enjoying the present is the best thing I can do--not mourn the days passed or look forward to tomorrow.

I am learning to let things go--or as some would say, I am learning to "pick my battles". I think this will go a long way...

I am learning every day that our God is BIG. And I am small. 

I am learning to listen. Not every conversation has to involve two voices and not every conversation calls for advice. 

And to end on a fun note, I am learning to garden! These little tomato, lettuce, and cilantro plants are my going to be providing some yummy meals this summer. 
Are you a gardener? Any tips for this new, hopefully green, thumb?

What are some lessons you are learning? 

March 5, 2013

Chico, California Portrait Photographer:: Graduate Marlene

Okay, this girl has got to share her beauty secrets with the rest of us! Marlene is so beautiful and it was great going around town with her while she strutted her stuff. Marlene is graduating from Chico State with a degree in Psychology--hoping to get into a Graduate program at San Jose State in the Fall. 

We got into talking about traveling abroad and she spent a semester in Madrid, Spain. Although when she told me where, she said it with that sexy Spanish accent so I had to ask again:). Ohhh...Madrid, Spain. Gotcha!

Enjoy these photos of this gorgeous lady. Thank you Marlene for being so great!
 Marlene's tattoo represents someone who is very special to her--someone she lost too soon.

 Marlene is a part of one of the largest Multicultural Sororities at Chico State--had to represent her letters.
 Isn't she just adorable? I had so much fun with you, Marlene!

March 4, 2013

Chico, California Portrait Photographer:: Marlene Sneak Peek

Chico is having some beautiful weather--the trees are blooming and Spring is on it's way! I got to get out and photograph Marlene this weekend as we celebrated her graduating from Chico State! Just a little sneak peek at our time spent together. I stayed up way too late last night just loving looking through her photos. More to come soon!
Check out our facebook page if you missed the beautiful peek at her photos yesterday! "Like" our page to see more!

March 1, 2013

Five on Friday

Well this week was freakishly busy. Not sure if that sentence even makes sense but whatever--my brain is done.
Had a breakdown early this week. Realized after crying to Travis for about 30 minutes that it didn't really stem from my busy schedule. The tears started as I had this realization that our son is growing up really quickly. I am savoring every day but it just doesn't feel like enough sometimes. I calmed down, gave my baby extra snuggles, and enjoyed the next day even more. Travis is a great listener.

We read this article and really resonate with it. Like I try to say on here often, I try to be real with struggles and triumphs--with the good and the bad. I try not to "fakebook" but it is hard. Of course we want to share our "unicorn, rainbows, and flowery" moments but we are doing ourselves and our friends a disservice when that is all we share.

We are gardening this Spring. Ah! I am so excited about this because I just put my little sprouting tomatoes and lettuce plants in their little pots. We plan on building the raised bed in a few weeks. I sent Travis a picture of the little sprouters today--embarassing. 

Finally took all of the videos and photos off of my phone to back them up. I kept having to delete to make room for more stuff so it was time. Feels good but we used to look through the photos of the day in bed at night before drifting off to sleep. Guess I have to make new memories to watch!

This is how we wake up almost every morning. I'm not joking. We are seriously in love. Little man sleeps phenomenally and then wakes up with smiles. Travis tells me not to go in there because he wants to be the one to see his smiles first thing in the morning. Brody is blessed to have such a great daddy in his life.
Have a great weekend! It is supposed to be awesome weather so maybe we will see you at the park:)