October 17, 2013

Broderick:: It's True...

It's true...this is how we all feel sometimes...
Like when he can't quite get our knee up over the edge of a wipes box so we can climb on it. Or when he can't use mommy's phone as a hammer. Or when someone isn't sharing their coffee.

Oh, the life of a 10 month old:)

Despite what this photo portrays, Brody has been SO MUCH FUN to be around. He is super giggly and thinks he is having conversations with us--I could listen to his babble all day! 

He is almost 11 months old and that just seems crazy to me. He is definitely a climber and desperately wants to get up on the couch on his own. I'm so glad he can't do this yet:)

October and November are super busy months for us personally and with Photography so stay tuned! Thank you for following along with our little family:)

October 14, 2013

Birth Photography:: Anna Jeane

To you who are reading my blog--I can't quite figure out the words to express my excitement and gratitude when I share Birth Photography with you.

So as I somehow try to share the magic of these moments, please enjoy these photos--as they are not only precious to me, but to the family who allowed me to be there during the most intimate moment of their lives. Thank you, Emily and Rob.

I met Emily months ago and walked away knowing that she'll be a great woman to work with. She is relaxed and super funny. We talked with such ease and knew we'd become friends. As the weeks approaching her due date passed, I got more and more anxious to get her text! When that day came, everything was perfect. And here is their story of welcoming Anna into the world. It's a great one...
Rob was so helpful to his wife--he put washcloths on Emily's neck and gave her water as she labored through her quick contractions.
Rob rigged up their iPad to video record their birth. We were laughing at his awesome contraption!
 Anna was so excited to come into the world that she didn't even wait for the Doctor to catch her.
At this moment, I turned away to wipe the tears off of my cheeks. 

This is the moment that this beautiful mom has been waiting for for a long time...
Nothing quite as sweet as a proud daddy...
 Little Annie laid on her mom's chest for over an hour. I think neither of them would have wanted to be anywhere else...
Everyone was surprised to find out that Anna weighed in at 5lbs. 14oz--she was such a sweet, little lady.
 Anna even gave some little smirks while in the warm bed.
Big sister meeting little sister...
My greatest thank you to the Mellon Family! You are beautiful and I'm so thankful to have been able to be welcomed into your lives. 


October 12, 2013

Broderick:: First Hair Cut

We did it--we cut his hair. It was time to say goodbye to the beloved mullet. My mom and I were getting our hair done and Travis brought Brody by the salon to have his first trim.
We distracted him with my mom's phone and he looked like such a big boy! He texted someone something ridiculous. We just went for a little trim in the back and above the ears. He looks just as handsome and like such a little boy! 
 He was pretty fascinated with mommy looking fabulous in foil! 
Again, this is one of the those moments where I feel bad for our future children because i doubt we will document our fifth child's first haircut! Wait---did I really just type FIFTH child?!

I'm delusional and it's time for bed;) 

Broderick, you are so handsome even when you have a mullet. But i do have to say that I'm happy to see your sweet naked neck!

October 2, 2013

Our Happy Little Family

I needed these photos. I needed these photos of our family looking happy and Brody smiling. Because that has not really been the case lately. The morning of this photo session, he woke up with his first cold and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

We've been struggling with this little 10 month old boy of ours (maybe I should say I've been struggling). He is learning how to walk, to talk and to interact with us a lot more--which is a lot of fun. It is also a lot of work.  Life has been tough for a lot of reasons. But after getting a figurative kick in the rear, it is getting better. And it was all a matter of perspective.

This little boy that we've been entrusted with is such a great gift. It is a privilege to be his mommy and I'm learning that. My attitude, my tone of voice and my energy really depends on my perspective of this role of being mommy. 

Anyways, enjoy these photos of our family. But just know--hours before these were taken I was pulling my hair out and wanting to leave Brody in his crib for the rest of the day. Okay, good--glad I got that off my chest.
 Oh goodness...
 Pure joy in all his mullet glory!
Now I can look at these and enjoy the peace they bring me. They help me see the fun in having this little boy in our lives. He is such a sweet, funny and treasured little snaggle toothed-boy!

Thank you to our awesome friend Eddie for taking these! We will cherish them:)