November 30, 2012

Introducing Broderick Anthony Albini

We are so happy to announce the arrival of our son!

Broderick Anthony Albini

November 20, 2012 at 4:50pm

8lbs. 3 oz. and 21 inches long

We have been enjoying our son and learning the ropes as parents. We are in love with him--knowing just how blessed we are with a healthy baby. 

The blog has been quiet lately but I'm hoping to have his birth story up within the week and also have a post dedicated to my mom--I didn't know how much my appreciation for her would grow after having my own baby. She was here for 10 days and we all miss Nana already!

Thank you for all of the support and prayers. And a HUGE thank you to our friend, Eddie Wilson, for being there to document our baby's birth.

November 19, 2012

39 weeks

Well, I have to be honest, I didn't think I'd be pregnant anymore at this point. However, I feel like every day that passes I am learning that His timing truly is just perfect. Every day that I get to spend with just Travis has been amazing. We have been truly enjoying every day that it is just the two of us. This morning we went to breakfast before he went to work. We are both excited for labor to start and I feel pretty good physically--just anxious to meet our son!

(These photos were taken at 39 weeks and 6 days--I was in labor. Travis took these in between contractions while we were laboring at home.I wrote this post earlier that afternoon before knowing I was in labor. Kinda fun to look back and read what I was thinking.)
Weight gain: Lost a pound this past week. I think it is from all the walking & yoga ball bouncing.
Baby's size: No idea. Could be 9 pounds...could be 7 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Yes. I wore Yoga pants to a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house this past weekend. Whatev.
Changes: At our appt. on Friday I was still 2 cm dilated but now 50% effaced! Baby's head had moved down a bit. I was pretty excited about being effaced and I'll take the progress without labor pains! Also, I got my membranes stripped this morning. (Separating the amniotic sac from the uterus.) It is a more natural way to induce labor but it isn't a given. Doctor says there is about a 1 in 3 chance it will put me into labor within the next two days. We shall see! I walked around our neighborhood for 1.5 hours this morning after the procedure--doctor's orders.
Food cravings: Sandwiches and I've been eating lots of Cuties.
Food aversions: Not feeling like burgers again.
Best moment this week: Getting more time enjoying our now-lifestyle:)
Worst moment this week: Thinking I was going into labor on Saturday night and not. Been having contractions but they fade. However, they are doing something(getting me effaced), so that's good!
Missing anything: Not really
Looking forward to: Meeting our baby!!

November 16, 2012

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Yes, I'm still cookin' this little boy. Trying to enjoy it and enjoy the time with Travis before our lives are totally different. Travis texted me this morning "Looks like it is HOT date Friday night if baby doesn't come!" Now I don't want to go into labor til tomorrow:)

Travis and I spent the day in Sacramento on Monday. It was a lot of fun! We walked around the Galleria and then got coffee with some friends and their little boy. Then we went to Sushi with more great friends! Sushi is one thing I've always loved. Now I only get the cooked stuff but once this baby comes out--Philadelphia rolls here I come!! Our 3 day weekend ended on a great note!

You HAVE to check out my sister in law's new Etsy shop "Bundle Up Buddy". She is making infinity scarves for infants and toddlers. Plus there are more goodies! If we were having a little girl, I'd be taking out a loan so we could have a scarf for her in every color! This would be a perfect Christmas gift!

Travis treated me to Cold Stone again this week. It has been a craving of mine. We go on Wednesday nights when it is 2 for $5. It is a small size but really, it is just perfect! Just enough to fulfill the craving without making you feel guilty:)

I finished editing our last Photography Session of the year. Very bittersweet for me. But, I got to end with a great family and I feel truly blessed that I got to work with so many wonderful people this past year. I learned a lot and look forward to getting behind the lens of my camera in Spring time! Of course the camera will still always be out since we will have a new, cute, little subject to focus on:)

I'm so thankful that I've been able to meet Travis for lunch so often. It makes both of our days go by so much faster. Either I'll bring us lunch, we'll grab something quick together or we will both eat beforehand. Then we get to go to Starbucks and share a drink. It is definitely a treat. Everything we do these days feels like a date--knowing it won't be as easy or frequent with a baby.
Oh, and if you are wondering about the facial hair--it will be off when the baby is born. Those are the rules:) Plus he has to do a duck face when he kisses me because that scruff hurts!

Happy Friday and thanks for following! I hope you have a great weekend. 

November 13, 2012

Chico, CA Family Photographer:: Davids Family

What a complete joy it is to look through photos and see smiles on cute, little faces! The Davids family is full of cuteness. 

These girls are great sisters to each other and their younger brother. The oldest is the protective leader of the group. The younger sister is super giggly and not afraid to scrape a knee. Their brother--well, he is the apple of their eye. He points to stuff, they get it for him. If he wants something and they can reach it for him--it is his! I love seeing these kids grow up and we enjoy their family so much!

Enjoy a few photos from their Family session. It is hard to narrow it down so know that there are lots more for me to smile over:)
 Kisses for Daddy are so sweet!
 That vest!
 She is the spunky one who has stolen my heart! Love these little ones...
The older sister who, as you can see, is not comfortable in front of the camera whatsoever!;)
They were giggling while sitting on this fence--I just love sisters!
 Once we introduced throwing leaves in the air, it didn't stop!:)
Jeff and Kristi looking as young and in love as ever!
 I'll end with this fun--the girls decided to throw leaves on mommy and daddy during their photos! 
Thank you so much, Davids family! 

Oh, and Kristi is a very talented seamstress. She made the girl's dresses for these photos and you should see the stash in their dress-up boxes! Lucky girls!

November 11, 2012

38 Weeks

Well, this is definitely the home stretch! 

I got emotional the other day when I was telling Travis how I will miss feeling the baby move in my tummy. He will be in our arms in no time and the past 9 months have been so great. Definitely going to miss being pregnant but also looking forward to having my body back to myself. Well, most of it:)

Had my Dr. appt on Friday and I am now dilated 2 centimeters, still pretty thick, but his head has dropped a little more. Still pretty high, though. Excited to be making progress--I'll take what I can without pain!:)
Weeks: 38
Weight gain: 27 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.
Baby's size: Around 19 inches and hopefully less than 8 pounds:)
Changes: I looked down at my hands in Church this morning and my fingers are swollen! It caught me off guard. I don't know if I'll end up having to take off my rings but it was weird to see my fingers all puffy.
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Food cravings: Ice cream. Cold Stone is calling my name on a nightly basis...
Food aversions: Nothing that I can think of!
Best moment this week: Hearing that I'm dilated another centimeter and that the results came back negative for my group B strep test. 
Worst moment this week: Our hospital's new Maternity Tower opening is being pushed back. Our Doctor said he will know by Tuesday. I was bummed but in the end, it doesn't matter where our son is born. As long as he is healthy. It would just be a bonus if we got to be in the new facility! 
Missing anything: Not quite sure. I'm enjoying this! 

Thank you for following! Travis' guess of this little one's arrival is this Thursday. Maybe this will be my last Pregnancy progress post. Maybe I'll have three more haha! 

November 9, 2012

Five on Friday

It is fun for me to look back on our week and highlight some of my favorite, or not-so-favorite, moments.

I've been kind of hesitant to go on long walks this week because I really want our hospital's new Maternity Tower to be open when this little boy arrives. But, I walked the 5K loop with friends on Monday because I needed it. I can't just sit on the couch--he will come whenever he is matter what I do or don't do! Sunday is the day it opens. I told Travis we will be walking all day:)

Travis and I are so excited to be making progress on our home. We have some friends (their Etsy shop) who have done some Graphic Art for us so we are finally getting around to decorating our living room, bedroom, and finishing the baby's room. I mean, it's been almost a year since we moved in--it's about time!
This cold thing was still lingering this week. Thought I was getting an ear infection yesterday but it feels much better today--Praise the Lord. This last trimester I've been perpetually plagued with some kind of infection. I guess it is true that your immune system is compromised while pregnant!

With this cold weather finally sticking around, I am getting really excited for the Holidays! Thinking about what I'm thankful for, imagining having a baby in my arms around Thanksgiving, looking up gifts for people we is all so fun!

I got a text from Travis one day that said "Thinking about taking you out for a date! Be ready by 5:45pm." Best. Text. Ever. He spoiled me with dinner at a new Chico Restaurant and then we got Cold Stone ice cream. I ate that Ice Cream in record time. 
Thanks for following! Also, feel free to link up to Aubrey's Five on Friday:)

November 7, 2012

Chico, CA Family Photographer::Hansen Family

Okay, photographing this family doesn't feel like work! We absolutely love them. Kevin and Annalisa were some of our first friends here in Chico and the first family we took photos of! 

Polly is such a great listener and does a great job in front of the camera. I showed her one photo in my camera and then she kept wanting to see what she looked like! How can you blame her?! She is so adorable and grown up!
She has such beautiful eyes!
You probably won't believe me when I tell you that Annalisa is almost 8 months pregnant. No, that wasn't a typo--she looks amazing! Our little boys will be about 2 months apart and they are bound to be best buds. I'm sure Polly will impart on them all of her older sister wisdom!:)

Kevin, Annalisa, and Polly--thank you for being such great friends. We adore your family and are so thankful to have you here in Chico with us! And Happy almost 3rd Birthday Polly! You will be the best big sister!

November 5, 2012

Chico, CA Family Photographer::Sathrum Family Session

It is so great when we get to work with people who we get to see on a regular basis. Luke has done work for our Website (click on green letters to check it out!) and it was great to get to take their family photos again this year! 
Their son just turned one and he is a mover! At one point he was walking faster than his body could keep up and he face-planted into some plants. He got brushed off and was on the run again! Oh, little boys!
 Love little boys and their daddies!
 We were so excited to get some of these Fall colors in their Family photos!
 I love this look on his face here!

Thank you Luke and Megan! We had fun and love getting to watch your family grow.