July 29, 2013

Broderick:: Crawling and Travel Nerves

Not that anyone really cares but we have been transitioning Brody take two naps instead of three. Therefore, I have been having to entertain him more than usual to keep him happy when he gets kinda tired in the middle of the day. This usually involves playing in his room.

One afternoon we spent playing in his room together for about an hour. Honestly, it was fun! He was crawling all around and up and over my legs over and over and over again. I can't resist kissing his sweet little tummy when he is just in his diaper. He doesn't have those yummy baby rolls on his thighs but they are still just as scrumptious!
 I just love it when he does this little pout face--chubby cheeks and smooshed lips!
 Love these baby blues!

This blog post is really being written just to distract myself from freaking out that I am leaving in two days for Indiana. I have packed my suitcase (1/2 filled with Brody's stuff) and I am starting to get a pimple just thinking about traveling with him!

We have flown with him twice so far--he has done great. However, it was less than a 1.5 hour flight to SD. This time I am flying with my beloved mother in law all the way to Indiana! Without Travis!!! 

Travis' Mom, Deanna, asked if Brody and I would join her in Indiana while she babysits my sister and brother in law's two girls. We are excited to have the three cousins together for the week! 

Just pray for me, as I am also nervous about the time change(Brody's schedule) and flying back home with just me and my little boy!

All that to say--this kid is a mover and the flights should be interesting!
At least he is a happy boy now that those two teeth are here! Brody, please take a good nap on the plane. Pretty please!!

Have a great week! I'll be leaving my computer at home so no blog posts for a while. I'll be back with some sweet photos of the three most adorable cousins around!

July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

Well, my brain is kind of jumbled this afternoon. This past week was a blur and I'm thankful it is Friday, that is for sure!
This week basically consisted of teething, early mornings and nap scheduling. No complaining here, but I am OVER THE MOON that his little teeth popped through and my happy boy is back:)

Travis had a work dinner this week and I surprised him by showing up without the baby:) We got there about 30 minutes before everyone else--date night at our favorite Mexican restaurant--HOLLLER.

Our little boy is crawling now and I'm realizing that wherever I go, I have a little shadow lurking behind me. And I wouldn't have it any other way...

While Brody was having his 'independent play time' in his room this morning, I heard him coughing. It is not unusual for him to choke on his own saliva so I didn't think much of it. But, praise the Lord that my mommy instinct told me to just go check. He had taken the little perfect choking size cap off of the doorstop and was chewing/choking on it. I'm so thankful for that voice in the back of my head. He was sad I took it away;)

As I was driving downtown yesterday, I remembered that it was going to be Farmer's Market night. I thought about how I wanted some fresh flowers. I thought that it had been a while(like December) since Travis had gotten me flowers. I usually tell him not to waste the money on them--they die too quickly. I didn't mention it to him that I wanted any but look what he walked through the door with...

This guy of mine is such a smarty!

Enjoy your weekend, friends! 

July 22, 2013

Broderick:: A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Sometimes, this silly baby of ours makes the oddest faces. Yet, somehow we giggle and think they are the most adorable faces that have ever been made in the history of mankind.

He has always been very expressive(Here I go being one of "those moms" who just thinks her kid is SO above average). But really, he got his eyebrows from me and when I tell stories, people can't help but pay attention;)

Brody was eating some avocado the other day and had it all over his face. Obviously, I thought it was hilariously cute. 

I took these next photos in a matter of about 1 minute--see, I'm not exaggerating. These faces...
  A face only a mother could love...
 His poor gums have been so swollen and when he woke up this morning crying at 6:30am, we noticed that one of his two teeth that are coming in has started to pop through. He has definitely been cranky this past week so I'm thankful that the teeth are coming through. Also makes me a little sad that he is growing up so fast! And a little nervous of the biting!!

He got his daddy's blue eyes and my strawberry blonde hair. I refuse to call it red:)

He is now 8 months old! He has started crawling and we often catch him in this sprinter's stance...
 He is just now getting the hang of coordinating both his hands and knees to get places. No more inch worming for this dude!
I am so so so grateful that I get to stay home with him. I know it is a privilege. We have to make sacrifices as a family but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Plus, I don't think a nanny would find his faces as cute as I do:)

So, what do you think? Am I absolutely nuts or are his faces the cutest?!

...don't tell me if you think I'm nuts!

July 17, 2013

Broderick:: Picnic and Slides

I called Travis mid-day yesterday and asked him to just pick us up dinner from the Taco truck on his way home. We have a teething baby and a lazy mom in this house this week! Yesterday was the first day in a week that I haven't napped. I think I have finally recuperated from all of our traveling. 

In order to keep the baby from whining all evening, we ventured out to a park close by for a little picnic and play. He does much better outside--we all needed a little fresh air...
I have to say, I am so thankful that Travis and I are different. And here are some examples from just one hour together of how we are different...

Every time a bee came by our blanket, he calmly swatted it away. I screeched and did a little girly arm flailing. By the end of our dinner, we were both laughing hysterically at how "psycho I am"--those were his words.

Oh, and I think Brody got his dad's flair for food...
Brody kept reaching and knocking over Travis' salsa. It made me laugh--Travis was getting frustrated(yes, he was moving it away but Brody is a ninja!). He said "He keeps getting into everything!"...yes, this is true. 

I decided to take Brody down the slide for the first time. I was cautious and kept one hand on the rail in order to inch my way down the slide. 
Travis, on the other hand, said to me "I'm going to go fast so get the camera ready". I think Brody enjoyed going down the slide much more with his dad:)
This kid of ours seems to be a thrill-seeker. He loves it when we chase each other around the house(him in one of our arms), he had the calmest expression when he went fast down the slide and he didn't make a peep when he smacked his chin on the corner of the coffee table!

I promise, we are attentive parents:)
It is so nice to have a park close to home. I think Brody enjoyed his first slide experience!

I never regret taking our camera out when we do things like this--I tell travis all the time how grateful I am to have the knowledge and expertise to get great photos of our family. 

Friends, take more photos of your family--I promise you'll be happy you did!:)

(Also, I feel kinda bad for our next kids because I doubt I will document all of these 'firsts' like I do for Brody. I will try my best!)

July 16, 2013

Broderick:: His Namesake

People who have known me since before I was married know that our son's name pays tribute to my maiden name. We always said that if we have a boy, his first name will be Broderick. 
My dad has 4 daughters--I was his tomboy. I have so many memories of fishing with my Dad. He taught me how to hook a worm and cast a reel. I was the only daughter to choose playing hockey with the neighborhood boys over Barbies with my sisters(probably just because I had a crush on the kid down the street). 

I was somehow his tomboy and also his daughter who was seriously boy-crazy.

All this to say that my Dad doesn't have any sons and we wanted to carry on his name--so his grandson got the honor of doing so.

Broderick Anthony Albini
Brody's middle name comes from his Dad's side of the family. Brody is the third generation of Albini with the middle name 'Anthony'.

Brody's grandpa Broderick will be the one to teach him to fish, to throw a good curve ball and to grill a mean steak. Well, Travis might be the one to teach him to throw a curve ball but I'm sure Grandpa Broderick will be proud of the Lefty technique.:)

We are so blessed to have family who love and support us. 

July 15, 2013

Broderick:: 7 months

Travis and I keep having this disagreement--When people ask how old Brody is, I respond with "7 months" and Travis says "8 months". Come on, babe! He is technically still 7 months--give me a break:) Okay, maybe he is 7 months and 25 days but still...that is 7 months. Ha!
Anyways, we have been enjoying this stage so much. It is fun to watch Brody grow and learn. He is now feeding himself little pieces of food, getting up on his hands and knees & inch worming around(almost crawling) and getting such a little personality. He has eaten little pieces of an In N Out meat patty(no salt), lots of fruits and veggies, and can go through a container of Puffs WAY too quickly.

Although I thought he was teething at 5 months, nothing popped through. Now at 7 months, he definitely has a tooth coming in. It is just under the surface and we have been giving him teething tablets the past few days. Watermelon rinds are his favorite thing to chew on(and they let us have a conversation with each other:)).

We just upgraded to a big boy car seat and I'm having to find ways to convince myself that this little boy of ours is still a baby. I am so thankful that he is still nursing and isn't showing any signs of wanting to stop. If he sees me in the morning, he will whine and claw at me til he gets to eat. I soak in every moment I get to sit and snuggle with him. 

He is getting a lot better at entertaining himself with a few toys when I have to get stuff done. Yesterday I put him in a box and he was content for a good 15 minutes just standing up in it!
 This is his coy look that just melts me--he has the sweetest personality!
 He obviously still enjoys sucking on his lower lip:)
He is definitely a photographer's son--when I take out my camera he looks right at my lens and smiles. Thank you, son. You're my favorite subject!

I told myself that I wouldn't go crazy for his first birthday--but I'm already planning it! Ah! Might have to pull the reigns in a bit...

Every night we thank the Lord for our son and that we get to be his parents. I am so impressed by him and so thankful to be his mom. 

July 12, 2013

Vacation:: South Lake Tahoe

We got into Chico last night around midnight and I'm loving looking through all of our photos from this past week in Tahoe. My mom lives in South Lake Tahoe and we try to get over there about 5 times a year. I mean, it's Tahoe--why not!?

This summer we invited some friends to join us and I think it might become an annual trip! Ours friends let us use their big Van so we could all fit in one car together. That made the trip so much more fun! Our friends who joined us, Andrew and Amber, have a little girl who is a few months older than Brody. Talia is such a sweet little girl and surprised us all by LOVING the cold Tahoe water. Brody on the other hand--not so much. His lips turned blue the moment his feet hit the shore! 

We spent lots of time on the beach. My mom and Keith took us out on the boat the first day that we were there. The sun is pretty intense up there so we reapplied sunscreen to our baby's little bodies lots! They did great.

 We also got to meet up with some friends who were also vacationing in Tahoe. I wish I had gotten a pictured of us all! We lounged on their beach and enjoyed a yummy pizza dinner at a local restaurant--hi Lynnette and Matt. Thanks so much!!
 We found a favorite local deli (after I was very grumpy after eating at a bad one) and, of course, got Ice Cream at Camp Richardson Creamery! We hiked down into Emerald Bay and dipped the baby's toes in the water. (Thank you honey for being my walking stick on the trek back up the mountain! Brody enjoying the ride on mommy in the Ergo=an extra 25 pounds on me!)

A few other highlights included S'mores by the campfire after the babies were tucked in bed, playing games and laughing/crying with each other until way too late, yummy French-pressed coffee a few times a day(we almost went through a Costco bag of coffee!), and making memories with our little families.
Thank you for a great trip, friends! And thank you for always allowing baby stuff to take over your house, Mom!:)

We had such a great time and I can't believe Travis' vacation is almost over! It has been fun--really, really fun! Spending time in San Diego, Chico, and Tahoe was the perfect way to spend 4 weeks off together. And we aren't even sick of each other yet!;) Well, I can only speak for myself... 

We took photos the above with our iPhones.

July 5, 2013

Five on Friday

Well, the days of the week haven't been something on my mind these past few weeks and it has been amazing. Travis has been on vacation and we just might decide to live off the land and stay home together forever;)

Until we can't stand each other anymore...ha!

I am so glad that we have spent this past week home. We got some chores done around the house--Travis dusted the blinds and I realized that we had never done that. EEK! Sorry to our friends who have ingested deathly amounts of dust at our home!

I just have to say that my husband has been getting pretty tan and it's hot;) Me on the other hand...not so much.

We swam at friend's houses twice this week. Brody rocked a pink swim hat because his mom forgot his;) He is so confident about his manhood;)

We leave tomorrow for Tahoe with two of our best friends and their sweet baby girl! Road trips are the best!!

Brody has become super snuggly. He will just lay his head on your shoulder--or the ground for that matter. We walked around Target today and he laid his head on my should the whole time! Travis can't get enough of the snuggles...

Have a great weekend!! 

July 3, 2013

Chico, CA Portrait Photographer:: LeDuc Family

I have to start this post by thanking God that this family's oldest daughter did not get bitten by the Rattle snake that was feet from her! Scariest moment of my Photography career thus far.

Moving on...these kids are the most adorable balls of energy that you'll ever see! I was excited when Alli contacted me about taking their photos and knew it was going to be lots of giggles and silly faces. It is amazing how their individual personalities show through the photos.

Enjoy this little glimpse into our time spent together.
 This next set of photos definitely portrays their personalities.
 I am in love with these two photos--love amidst the chaos.
And we will end with this sweet photo of Peter and his first baby. 
Thank you, LeDuc family for spending time with me out in the hot summer heat! 

And thank you for being my extra hands, Erin! You did great in your Assistant debut;)