October 9, 2012

33 Weeks

This past week brought on some changes--waking up in the middle of the night with heartburn, odd stomach pains(probably gas, not contractions), back pain has subsided.

I'm thankful that my sciatica has subsided for the most part. I pretty much figured that I would have it for the rest of pregnancy. However, I think it was just flared up and tweaked because it has gotten SO much better. Praise the Lord.

Travis took this picture of me while out to dinner the other night. "Babe, take a picture of my belly because I don't have one for my 33 week post.":)
Weight gain: About 25 pounds?
Baby's size: About 5 pounds and over 17 inches long.
Maternity clothes: YES. Anything else is getting pretty tight/short.
Changes: Stomach muscles hurt. I basically have to rolllll out of bed to get up. No more abs, that's for sure.
Food cravings: I want something sweet every night after dinner.
Food aversions: Nothing that I can think of.
Best moment this week: Getting video of baby boy sticking his little foot out the side of my belly.
Worst moment this week: Stomach pains in the middle of the night when I move.
Missing anything: Having energy. Being on my feet for too long starts to hurt my feet and back.
Looking forward to: Getting closer to meeting him!! 

The way that I've been doing these posts for the most part has been to post them at the end of the given week. I have to write about that week so it only makes sense. We are 34 weeks today. Getting so close! 

I'm still having those fearful moments of "AH! What if my water breaks right now?!" But, it is getting closer and closer to being okay and really isn't something I should stress about. My water might not even break--that was something I thought happened to everyone. Nope, most women have to have theirs broken in the hospital. Anyways, he is just weeks away from making his arrival!

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