August 17, 2014

Baby Girl--30 weeks

The past few weeks have been full! Travis' work has been very busy and Brody and I have trying to find things to do to beat the heat! Can't really believe that I am almost 31 weeks along! I really have to work on getting this little girl's room ready.

These photos were taken with my phone at my friend's Wedding last night. Thanks Kyle! It was a gorgeous Wedding and I had so much fun catching up with so many friends from High School. I just missed my handsome hubby like crazy!
 I wanted to take this couch home with me.
Weeks: 30...WHAT?
Weight gain: 25 lbs.
Baby's size: Over 2.5 lbs. and over 15 inches long.
Changes: I've had MAJOR indigestion--GasEx is my friend. I had some pretty uncomfortable pain in my upper abdomen last week and after talking to my Dr., just decided it was probably gas. I'm so glad I didn't go into the hospital to be monitored and be THAT pregnant lady who just had gas. Ha!
Maternity clothes: Yes. Non-maternity tops are easy to wear but I'm sturggling to find comfy non-yoga bottoms.
Best moment this week: I was measuring small so my Dr. just wanted to check on baby girl via ultrasound. It was great seeing her!! She looked so chubby and was sucking on her fingers. She measured just fine, with her head measuring two weeks big just like Brody. Go figure ;) Her body is right on track and measured at 51%tile.
Worst moment this week: Besides the painful gas, I found out that she is head up. It's not concerning at this point but I have been losing sleep over it. I'm not usually a worrier but this has tested me. Please pray with me that she turns!
Food cravings: I've been craving ice. I'm tempted to drive to the closest Sonic, which is 30 minutes away, just to buy bags and bags of ice. This heat has rocked me! I'm also into the stage of craving sweets. If you bring me an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, I'll love you forever.
Food aversions: Nothing, really. 
Missing anything: A glass of wine. And I'm not even really a wine drinker! Just relaxing with girlfriends with a glass of wine sounds AH-mazing. Maybe it's more the atmosphere than the drink itself.
Looking forward to: Brody and I are on a 10 day trip in San Diego! I am so excited to be spending time with family and to be able to be down here to celebrate a friend's Wedding!

This is my twin sister, Madison. She is obsessed with my growing belly. She just would stand by me and kiss my belly and rub it. It was sweet but I had to karate chop her hands away at the end of the night! ;)
Thanks for following! Again, please pray for baby girl to turn head down. I really appreciate it--And so does my intact abdomen!

August 3, 2014

Chico, CA Birth Photography:: Edwin James the V

I sat in awe of the opportunity to photograph this birth the entire evening. Along with Eddie's mom, I teetered on the rope of being a quiet, still presence and speaking out to tell Devon just how strong she was and to talk about the contractions, fear, joy, etc. Thank you for allowing me to be in your lives in such an incredibly momentous time. I have known these (now) parents for quite some time and getting to witness their son's arrival made me see even more just how great of a team they are. 

Devon, you are so strong and courageous. 

Eddie, you are such a sincere and secure husband and father. 

July 26th 2014 

 This happened a few times throughout the evening--where Eddie would somehow get Devon to laugh or smile amidst the intense labor she was working through. It brought me to tears.
Love this embrace between Eddie and his mom. 
Baby Edwin James V(the fifth), welcome to this world! You are so handsome and loved by many, many people. Congratulations to this family!!!

August 1, 2014

Northern CA Wedding Photography:: Bryan and Megan

This Wedding took place at an incredible private residence in Placerville, California. Everyone in attendance were nestled beneath magnificent trees and surrounded by everything antique. The guests heard a lot about Megan and Bryan's story and it keeps playing over and over again in my mind as I look through their photos. Congratulations to this blessed couple--your day is a favorite of mine!

Bryan and Megan Hansen
July 12th 2014
 Megan and her dad have such a sweet relationship and I was so grateful to get to witness it!
Megan and Bryan did not see each other before the ceremony but took some time together before it all started.
Not a detail went unnoticed at this Wedding--from the Farmer's Market style hors d' oeuvres to the blue picnic napkins and wooden utensils. 
Each piece of decor had it's perfect antique touch and the guests were enthralled with this picturesque landscape! 
 The party ended with lights strung above the guests and a cappuccino maker being a hit!
 Congratulations to these great families! Thank you for allowing me into your lives and into your memorable day!

And thank you to my second shooter for all of your help and encouragement!!