May 29, 2014

Chico, CA Birth Photography:: Amelia James

Each birth is so unique and beautiful--it is truly difficult to find the words to write. Maybe that is why I am a photographer so I can just let the photos tell the story. Thank you to Austin and Emily for allowing me to be a part of telling this amazing story. 

And this is definitely worth reading. So, please enjoy reading this and know that this is so precious to many, many people. 

"Amelia's birth changed my life. From the months of carrying her, to the moment of meeting her, nothing could have prepared me for the intense love I would have not only for her but for my husband. Her birth was overwhelming, both physically and emotionally, but I am reminded of God's perfect plan when I think back on her arrival." --Amelia's mom
Lisa is a proud mom and now grandma in this next photo...
One of my favorite images of the evening. Pure joy on this daddy's face!
 Welcome to the world, Amelia!

Thank you to the entire Skinner and Jones families for allowing me into that special delivery room. I'm grateful and humbled by your generosity. Congratulations!!

May 17, 2014

Baby Albini #2 is a...

Baby Albini #2 is a...
 Tears rolled down my cheeks when the ultrasound tech told us that it was a girl. I was so shocked and excited! Because my pregnancy was so similar to Brody's, I thought for sure we were having another little boy. I get butterflies in my stomach each time I think about her.

We are so in love with this little baby! She was moving around so much and kept putting her hands up by her face. Everything she did just had us in a puddle. We are in trouble! :)
 This is my favorite picture of all time!!! Look at that excitement!
I have looked through her ultrasound pictures lots and I am in love with every single one! I think she looks like her daddy.
 Pointing to baby sister...
 We have a few names that we both like but we are not set on anything. The name will be shared when she arrives. We are almost half way there!
I love these two babes!
Thank you to everyone for the congratulations! We are just so excited and blessed. Travis is already wanting to get a dog to protect his babies and guard off any unwanted attention from boys ;). 

 Oh, and here's an outtake of Brody trying to lift up my dress to see where the baby is!!

I realized there aren't any of my little bump so I'll be doing an update on that soon. Thanks for following along with our family!

May 14, 2014

Chico, CA Maternity Photography:: Brittany and Casey

Brittany and I have been friends for about 8 years--we first met in college when we lived in the same dorms. We instantly become great friends and over the years have been a part of some of the biggest, most exciting moments in each other's lives. From getting married, graduating college, telling each other the exciting news of expecting babies and now meeting them! And, well, I met Casey once he decided to make the drive up to Chico from Southern California to tell Brittany that he wanted her! :) Smart move--and it worked! I've been a fan of him ever since!

Congratulations to these two--your little girl is already very, very loved and we can't wait to meet her. You two are a great team and you will do great extending your teamwork into parenthood! 

And one last thing...they are models. Okay, not really but my camera really liked them and they look like models huh? :) Enjoy these photos and thanks for following along! 

I am in love with these photos!
One of my favorites!
 Brittany, you are so beautiful.

Congratulations, Casey and Brit! Can't wait to meet your little girl!!