September 29, 2012

32 Weeks

This is the first week that I have noticed my emotions are kind of out of whack. I feel great right now but I can look back on the week and see where I was in a funk and emotional.

There have been lots of highs--seeing his amazing kicks and putting his pack n' play together in our room(he will sleep in the newborn sleeper part of it for a while before he sleeps in his crib). It is fun seeing it in there! 

There have been some lows, too--pretty intense sciatica and someone I deeply love experienced heartbreaking loss. 

I am thankful for this week because we are blessed. Even in the lows of life, we are truly blessed. We don't deserve it--not one bit.

(Yes, we were that couple taking photos in our front yard. *Mental note* For now on, take photos in the backyard. You look weird standing out there holding your belly and the cars behind you in the photos are tacky.)

Weight gain: 23 pounds total
Baby's size: I can't really go off of BabyCenter anymore because he was measuring a full POUND heavier than what they were saying. So, I'm guessing he is about 5 pounds and is almost 17 inches long--WOW!
Maternity clothes: YES.
Changes: Sciatic nerve acting up but is getting better the past few days. My tummy feels like it is stretching. Obviously it is, but I am actually feeling the tightness of it. No stretch marks on the belly yet.
Food cravings: Cheese.
Food aversions: Onions...kinda. I'll still eat them though:)
Best moment this week: Being truly thankful for our gift of a baby boy.
Worst moment this week: Emotional roller coaster.
Missing anything: My family.
Looking forward to: Our doctor's appointment on Monday. Travis has the day off of work so he gets to go! I've gone to the last few by myself so I'm excited T can go.

Thank you for following our blog--we really appreciate the support!:)

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