April 30, 2012

Chico California Photographer::Graduate Heather

Heather is an artist and is graduating from Chico State. She was referred to us by some mutual friends--friends who came along to the shoot for moral support and to hold outfit changes. It was a great time with lots of giggles and the girls making Heather have to recompose herself in front of the camera! Enjoy this little glimpse into our time spent together. 

We started out on campus and it was a beautiful day.
 This lady is stylish--don't you love the cowboy boots??
And as it always does, Bidwell Park delivered--weeds have never seemed so beautiful.
Heather, thank you for allowing us to capture your beauty. We feel blessed to work with people like you!

April 25, 2012


Things have been pretty quiet around here. We have been visiting family and working on our yard--things that truly make me happy! 

Last weekend marked the beginning of Portrait Sessions for us and we really had a great time being out in the beautiful weather with a client. I felt rejuvenated and alive--made me know why I fell in love with Photography years ago.

Well, all this to tell you to keep an eye out for some blog post in the coming weeks of beautiful people who are either graduating, getting married, or capturing family memories. 

One last sneak peek of this pretty lady before her blog post next week. 
If you didn't see the first sneak peek, check out our facebook page!

This rain in Chico caught me off guard and we're hoping it leaves by this weekend so we can enjoy being outdoors with our clients again!