September 6, 2012

Chico California Photographer::Our time away

Our time away this past weekend was much needed. Granted we came home feeling exhausted, but it was definitely much needed. One of my favorite, most energizing activities is having a meal with friends. Although we mainly eat meals with friends at home, going out to eat is a great time to catch up and who doesn't love an excuse to have someone else make you food?? 

After church at The House (awesome, diverse, encouraging church in downtown Sac), we  headed to de Vere's Irish Pub for some brunch.
 Lauren enjoying her Irish Coffee.
 My decaf coffee--it was goooood.
 As I mentioned before, our friends Kevin and Krissy are moving to North Carolina so they organized a moving sale. This was for friends to come and buy their things and for all of us to get to hang out. Well, a few of us decided to make a weekend of it and crashed their pad. (Thank you for letting us take over your living room!)
We played Mafia late into the night and both nights I laid on the air mattress with everyone around me to have our little one do some acrobatics for the crowd. He's a crowd-pleaser.

Oh, and we had sushi one night--I was in heaven. Sushi is my favorite meal. Anyone else been to Blu Nami in Roseville? They have a menu of rolls that are always 50% off. To-die-for. Okay, I'm drooling just thinking about it. 

On another note--we are shooting our last wedding of the season this weekend in Sonoma and are so excited! The following weekend we head to San Diego for our babymoon. We will definitely be getting sushi...

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