September 3, 2012

28 weeks

This pregnancy is flying by. I'm caught in the middle of telling myself to enjoy it and wanting it to be over so I can just meet him already! 

It is pretty amazing that if he were born now he would survive. Of course, he'd need medical help in a lot of ways but we would still be parents--just something that has been comforting for me to think about lately.

As of now, I am laying on the couch after a fun and busy weekend in Sacramento with friends. I could use about a 10 hour nap...then sleep 10 more hours at night. We brought our new gear and took some photos of our time there. We went to The Galleria, had yummy sushi, and walked around downtown Sac a bit. Oh, we also slept on an air mattress surrounded by friends sleeping on the living room floor--went to bed at about 1am after playing Mafia all night. It was seriously fun.

Onto pregnancy details...
Weight gain: I weighed myself yesterday and had to check the scale. First time I've been in the 140s and seeing that number kind of shocked me. Okay...maybe I was being dramatic & hormonal. I will be reaching the 150 range in a few short months so I just need to get used to it. It is healthy weight and it is a good thing, I know. So, I've officially gained 19 pounds.
Baby's size: 2.25 pounds and is 14.8 inches(according to
Maternity clothes: Yes--still a mix.
Changes: Feeling the need for afternoon naps these days.
Food cravings: Still lots of fruit and carbs.
Food aversions: Nothing.
Best moment this week: Getting the crib put together!
Worst moment this week: Lower back pain. I think it is my sciatic nerve so it is random shooting pains. I've had that before pregnancy and it is pretty uncomfortable.
Missing anything: Eating normally--I am basically hungry an hour after eating a full meal. I was never a breakfast person but now am power walking to the pantry in the mornings for my cereal.
Looking forward to: Photographing our last wedding this coming weekend. It's going to be a great weekend!

I will share some stuff on the Nursery tomorrow. 


  1. You are too cute Danielle! sorry to hear about the lower back pain and don't worry about the weight gain! You look beautiful and you are gonna pack on a few lb's its natural and good for baby. i understand though trust me it is shocking when you watch the scale slowly climb over the weeks

  2. Thank you, Tiff! You look beautiful as well!!