September 12, 2012

30 weeks

Well, I have officially skipped a week in blogging my pregnancy stats. Oh well.

One person told me this week that I'm "ready to POP". Really? Do you really think that? Have you not seen a woman who is 38-40 weeks pregnant? AND no pregnant woman wants to hear that anyways, even if it were true. Moving on...:)

I had a doctors appointment this week. Heartbeat was strong, the baby is head down, and I'm gaining weight. Our doctor is having me go to an ultrasound tomorrow because I am measuring small. That is, my uterus is measuring 26.5 centimeters when it should be measuring 30. He said it is normal to be 1-2 off but since I am over 3 off, he wanted to have a look. A lot of my friends measured small and everything was fine. I am not stressing about it--I'm excited to see our little boy again! Of course, his health is always on my mind but he is moving around lots and I am not too concerned about it at this point. 
Weight gain: 21 lbs total
Baby's size: About 3 pounds
Changes: SUPER TIRED. I sleep just fine at night (besides having to switch positions a lot and having to get up to use the bathroom about 4 times a night) but then around 2 in the afternoon I am ready to go to bed again. 
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Food cravings: I've been craving sweets but trying not to give in too much--it hasn't been working.
Food aversions: Nothing.
Best moment this week: Hearing his heartbeat again and learning that my glucose tests came back perfectly normal.
Worst moment this week: The balls of my feet are hurting at the end of the day and his kicks are getting pretty intense. Not really painful, just more intense and uncomfortable.
Missing anything: Nope.
Looking forward to: Seeing his little face tomorrow! I can't wait!!

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  1. That is so cool! Glad the glucose test went well. I took mine recently also. I agree that people need to keep their comments to themselves. You look beautiful!!!!! have fun seeing little man at your appointment!