August 31, 2012

Chico California Photographer::It's Friday

Well, it's finally Friday--The start of a three day weekend. Even for my banker husband who has rarely had a Saturday off this year! We decided that a celebration was in order. We are leaving tomorrow morning to spend the weekend in Sacramento with some friends. Not just any friends--great friends! But, I think all of our friends are pretty great:)

I'm excited because we just upgraded one of our cameras and also purchased a new lens. We are bringing some of our new camera equipment and are going to go photo crazy on this mini vacation. Well, that is always my intention. Maybe next week I will post some of our photos from our time spent there. 

(insert smooth transition into talking about the weather)
The weather in Chico has been pretty amazing lately and we've been using our whole house fan at night! That is some exciting stuff, people. Whole house fan on= AC not on= lower PG&E bill! I've been savoring some summer activities like dining outdoors, wearing shorts, and early morning walks without a sweatshirt. Soon, it will be cold and brisk--that just means our baby is closer to making his debut and that makes me very excited!

And because adding a slice of lime to a mason jar of peach green tea feels like summer, here's to summer! The last summer of it being just Travis and I in this house of ours--cheers!
What are you savoring about summer? Or are you full steam ahead for Fall?

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