April 29, 2011

Things I am loving...

With this new season after what seemed like a long winter, I am noticing things that I am appreciating much more. Like the sun! Here are some photos of things I am appreciating...
Allergies in Chico remedied by a simple little pill.
 Sun light coming in our living room window--it is very much appreciated.
 A sign of business and crafting...
 Bathing suits lying around our apartment--getting the chance to lay in the sun with my hubby. Even if it is only for 40 minutes before class!
 An empty coat rack=no jackets.
 Flowers in our garden
Graduation Announcements and Parties from loved ones. I appreciate this and that it means much more than a party. It is more proof that Chico is our home. We have people who think of us, who love us, and know how much we love them. 
 Friends of mine who have asked about the Pasta salad that I bring to just about every event, this is the box.:) My friend first introduced me to this a few years ago. We both add blocks of cheddar cheese and some sliced grape tomatoes. The box is around $2 and I make a lot of it. I am addicted...
 Homemade guacamole--I appreciate this no matter what season we are in.
I appreciate and love a lot more things than the above. This is just what I could think to photograph:)

Enjoy your weekend and this great weather we have been having!!(If you live in the West coast area.)

What do you appreciate around your home this season?

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