April 8, 2011

Time is fleeting...

Last night Travis and I were laying in bed and he was saying things like...

"Is your birthday really in 1 week?!"

"Are you seriously going to be 23?!"

"Wait, how many more weeks 'til we graduate?"


This conversation has been on going in our life.

We just keep praying for guidance. Guidance to know how to structure our lives, where we are supposed to work, where we are supposed to live, when we are supposed to start a family, what we are supposed to do--just in general.

It is exciting in a way because the possibilities are endless--it is scary because the possibilities are endless.

I know that things will all fall in place and that the timing of it all is already planned. It is interesting for me to be at this place in my life where I do not know what I will be doing in 2 months. I am a planner, a serious planner. If I ever lost my planner, I would die. Not really, but maybe.

I remember my freshmen year of college like it was yesterday, seriously. Gosh, I remember my freshmen year of high school like it was yesterday! And that was 9 years ago. Wow--time is fleeting.

I'm sure right now this flower that I took a picture of last Saturday looks completely different. In two weeks it will look even more different...in two more weeks it will look even more different.
That is how I feel about our life right now. The seasons of our marriage are changing. This summer is our 3 year anniversary! (Which makes us ask--How has it gone by do fast?!) I don't think we are considered newlyweds after that:(

I do not know what these next few years are going to look like for Travis and I. We have an idea but we don't really know for sure. So,  we will keep you updated:)

I crave structure and am trying to go with the flow...

Thanks for following my random post of random thoughts.

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