April 5, 2011

A look at our weekend

We enjoyed this past weekend but it went by so fast! Friday we went to a softball game where a lot of our friends were playing each other. After the game we went over to our friend's place and played Ticket To Ride. That's a fun game! We had only played it once before and I liked that winning isn't depending on our lucky you are. I ended up losing horribly and being in last place. Whatever:)
The next morning we grabbed some coffee and then walked to Farmer's Market with great friends.  It was Travis' first time going to the Saturday morning market. If we go, we normally go to the Thursday night one. Here are some photos from our Saturday morning...
 Are Kevin and Krissy cute or what?!
Hubba, hubba...
 Krissy and I with our ChicoBags and our Peet's Coffee...what is better on Saturday morning?
We were then treated like kings when we had lunch at our friend's place. We had burgers, salad, my fave pasta salad, fruit, etc. Kevin and Annalisa, you are too good to us! They have the sweetest little girl who we got to play with. Normally she is pretty stand off-ish towards Travis but on Saturday she was loving him-- And he was loving it. She even said his name! Well, she said something like 'ahvis' but it definitely was for him! And she even walked up behind him to give him a hug. It was too sweet and I've heard Travis tell a few people about it, which is even sweeter. He loves that Polly loves him.:)
Here she is pouring 'Uncle Travis' some delicious tea...
We had a photoshoot on Saturday night and were thankful that the wind had died down and wasn't too harsh. Sunday was filled with some good stuff, too.
There you have it-- A recap of our weekend that went by way too fast!

P.S.- I am planning on doing this craft by AshleyAnn for a friend's shower that is coming up. Aren't they adorable? I don't know how her brain works but I love it! Such an easy and affordable way to add a personal touch to a practical gift.

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  1. What an awesome morning that was. Love the photos and I loved the coffee and market with you guys.