April 14, 2011

DIY Bunting Card

This is a really little DIY birthday card but it is cute and I like it!:) I like making cards rather than spending $3 on them. Spend that $3 on a Mocha or something people!

I had been wanting to try to make some cards with bunting on them for a while and when I saw a friend's Baby shower invitation with bunting I knew I had to try it. It is such a simple and cute way to decorate a card or invitation!

What you'll need:
Scraps of fabric, scissors, card stock, and a sewing machine.
Step One. Cut your fabric into little triangles. The size is totally up to you but keep in mind how you want it to look on the card and how big the card is going to be.
Step Two. Sew the triangles to each other in a line. I laid out the triangles in the order of how I wanted them and then I would sew one, and slide the next one under the zipper foot. So on and so on. You can leave room in between each triangle by pulling the thread out a little or sew them corner to corner. Does that make sense?
Step Three. Cut your card stock to whatever size you want.
Step Four. Sew the string of triangles(bunting) straight onto your card stock. I forgot to take a picture of this but it is really easy. Just lay the card stock under your zipper foot with the bunting laying on the paper where you want it to be. Sew away!
Step Five. Stamp Happy Birthday on your card (or whatever you want!) and write some birthday words to your friend!
 Travis and I bought this stamp set from Staples or Office Depot. We use it all the time for Photography stuff and I use it for crafting.
I think what I like most about this little project is that it doesn't have to look perfect. The triangle don't have to match, the lines don't have to be straight, the thread can be crooked. It helps with my perfectionist tendencies.

I'm thinking about making some big bunting to decorate our apartment. We shall see...

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  1. I really enjoy all the little projects...they are adorable and great ideas!

  2. Thank you! Post a link on here if you try any of these out! I'd love to see:)

  3. I love those cards! So you finally learned to sew. Good job, I need to learn that skill, it will save me some mula. : )