March 31, 2011

The Everyday + a little DIY

Just about everyday I clean our little bathroom to look like this:
Within a few hours, honestly, it looks like this:
I can't even blame my hubby for it-- this is his side:
This is my side:
My side is worse! And I'm probably the one who left the floss and lotion out on his side! But you know what--I kinda like how fast it gets messy. I like it because it only takes a few minutes to put the stuff away and wipe down the counters--then I feel like I have cleaned so I don't have the guilt to clean the rest of our place!:)

Everyone has places in their home that just never seem to stay clean. The bathroom is that place for us. I always tell Travis that I really want a double sink in our next place. That'll probably just give us more counter space to clutter. Another place that is like this for us is our dresser in our bedroom. Take a look:
It is supposed to look like this:
And because I thought a blog post that is only about how dirty our apartment is would be super lame, I added a little DIY to spruce things up--the framed 'a' in the picture above.

What you'll need:
-An empty frame (any size, color, depth, etc.)
-A clothespin
-Some string, tweed, or something like that
-The letter of either your last name, first name, or something you want to display. I got an 'a' at Michaels for around $1 and then painted it.
-A nail and hammer
(I was going to use a hot glue gun but decided to just tie the string around the frame instead)
First, cut the string to the size that you'll want--probably about two feet but it depends on how big your frame is.
Next, lay the string behind the frame and tie each side to the frame. (In the picture below I have the frame turned on the wrong side.)
Next, grab your clothespin and hang your cute letter inside! Then display your quick DIY!
Its crazy how adding something small to a space can make you like it that much more. Now, if only we could keep our messy dresser from taking away from all of the cuteness!!

Enjoy this weather (if you are somewhere with weather like Chico)! It is feeling like summa my friends!

Thanks for following!

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  1. You post the cutest crafts! I might have to do this one! Ben loves typography so he would appreciate it!