March 21, 2011

Kyle's visit to Chico

Travis' brother is in the rainy city of trees right now. It is his Spring Break which, in effect, makes our Spring Break (that was last week) an extended good time! Kyle treated us to dinner at Tres Hombres last night. It is a nice Mexican Restaurant that has the greatest ambiance. Travis and I shared a tasty margarita (proof of the negative to those of you who think we might be expecting!) while Kyle sipped on a Mojito. I love how these Albini men like the "non-beer drinks". That's a nice way to say girly drinks. I like it because then we share!
Attention people of Chico and surrounding areas: Tres Hombres has the most delicious, addicting, can't- stop- eating- even- though- I- am- almost- full , chips and salsa. For reals. Both Travis and Kyle had to get to-go boxes because they ate too much of the chips and salsa and couldn't finish their meals. The only reason I could finish my meal was because it was a salad. 
 Lovely brothers- Travis is about 1.5 years older & he is loving having Kyle stay with us for a few days.

We woke up this morning, had some yummy breakfast burritos and headed to the Used bookstore to grab Kyle somethin' to read while Trav and I studied. TeaBar was calling our names so we decided to spend some time studying there-aka me taking pictures while Travis studies and Kyle reads his mystery novel.

 If you are wondering what kind of drinks those are--HoneyCream on the left and Oolong & Caramel Cream on the right. 

I think the only time the sun came out was when we were about to take this picture--hence the squinting.
The gate was closed to Bidwell Park. The water was moving really, really fast. We're thinking it had something to do with that because there were guys in uniform-type clothing looking at the water levels and stuff.  Bidwell Park is one of the main things I love about Chico. Miles and miles of gorgeousness.
Kyle will be here for a few more days so we are looking forward to showing him some more of Chico. It is so much fun having people visit. So I say--Come visit us! We will show you a good time. Just don't come in the next three weeks, we're really busy:)

Thanks for following! I hope you are having much better weather than we are. (After typing that I thought about the weather Japan has experienced in the last few weeks-- I feel selfish now.) I'm thankful for the weather we have had.

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