March 23, 2011


Not only do I have to upload my own Facebook photos, but I have to upload Travis' as well. He wants pictures but doesn't really care to take the time to put them on. So, I'll be the nice wife and do it for him. Especially when I have a lot of time on campus and am procrastinating on homework.

We went to Yosemite a few weeks ago with Travis' parents. They got a cabin that came with a jacuzzi and a cozy fireplace. We were set. Thanks in-laws!

Travis took these photos and edited them. They will be on his Facebook soon...
^That's some crazy hair not being tamed so well with the headband.

We are so lucky in California to have so many natural beauties surrounding us. We want to hike Feather Falls next. It is only about 30 minutes outside of Chico and it is a long hike to a beautiful waterfall. Who wants to come?!

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