March 15, 2011

Time & Movement

As I've mentioned a few times before, Travis and I are taking a Photography class together this semester. This past week our assignment was about Time and Movement. We messed with our shutter speeds, took full advantage of our tripod, and busted out the flash equipment to freeze some motion at night. 

After driving around town to get some cool shots of car lights and whatnot, we decided to take a few pictures of ourselves jumping off the stairs outside of our front door. Travis was much better at this. My face always ended up looking like I was either really scared, not sure what I was doing, or having to run to the bathroom. They're keepers. ;)


A girl in our complex thought she'd give it a try. Her friends told her not to because she has a bad ankle. She said it was fine...

She walked away limping.

Here are some mess ups...just for your pleasure.

For some reason there were a lot more mess ups of me...hmm. I won't share them--they're too bad.

Thanks for following!

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  1. HAHA sweet pics! U got some nice hops! Love the new look of your blog too! :)