September 9, 2011

Wedding Photography--Details

The details of a wedding are some of my favorite things to photograph. Details give you so much insight into the person who picked them out--Whether is it the bride's shoes, the groom's boutineer, the bouquet, or even the rings.
As a photographer, I get to dig into my creative side and try to look outside the box. This is not only challenging and rewarding, but it is a lot of fun.
Each bride is different and, in most cases, she is making most of the planning and decorating decisions. The details from one wedding will never be exactly the same as the details from another wedding. 
These shoes and bouquets reflected who the brides were. That is how a wedding should be, in my opinion. Choose the decor, flowers, etc. according to what makes you happy. 

On another note, I am off to Michigan and Indiana this weekend to watch my younger sister in law play Field hockey at the University of Michigan and to spend time with my MIL and niece. The blog will be quite quiet. Maybe I'll post a few photos of an adorable 8 month old:)

I am happy to get away for a while but will be missing my sweet husband--we won't see each other for two weeks. If you live in Chico, don't hesitate to invite him over for dinner. Just so he doesn't eat In N Out every night:)

Thanks for following!

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