September 8, 2011


One of the first things I did when my husband bought me our MacBook a few years ago was take advantage of the built in camera. The Photobooth was so fun!

I haven't opened it up in months but when I was cleaning out my photos, I saw all of them. If my little sister Kennedy is ever around...there will be more photos in the Photobooth. She is pro at silly faces and contorting her body so her head disappears and her hands look like they belong in an alien movie!

Since I will soon be taking these images off of my computer, I thought I'd share some of my favorites on here! Enjoy.
My very attractive husband in our first apartment.
Me hanging out in Pete's Coffee with my big nose.
My brother in law...also a very attractive man.
Talented Alien
Sister in law and friend Jared in Paris.
My three little sisters hijacking my computer.
Okay, I had to include this sweet old lady. I was in a Barnes N Nobles and if you look close enough, you will see that she was using a magnifying glass to read her trashy magazine. Hilarious!
Travis and I got to stay up all night and take care of our 3 week old niece, Emrie. It was such a great night feeding her, changing her, just taking care of her. We fell even more in love with her.
Travis was so great with Emrie. She was so tiny!
She just loves my kisses.
Yes, that is a braid mustache.
I love looking through these pictures. So many little memories captured.

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