September 15, 2011

I'll take a Large Coffee with Extra Cream and Sugar, thank you.

Oh my gosh. One thing that I was sure about when I knew I was coming out here to the MidWest was Dunkin' Donuts.  Best.Coffee.Ever.
I've taken a little drive to get my mother in law, sister in law, and myself some of this deliciousness and it has been sooo good. I had to get myself a Decaf one today because last night I was up 'til 2am watching Steel Magnolias. Spoiler Alert. I was fine until after the funeral and Sally Fields starting screaming about how angry she was and how she was supposed to go first. Someone get me a tissue.

I have been loving hanging out with my niece, Emrie. She is such a great baby. She laughs a lot and poops a lot:)...I guess that whole pooping thing is normal with babies. Hmmm.
We have taken her out to lunch a few times and everyone tells me how cute my daughter is. "She is actually my niece." One lady responded with "Oh! That is even more fun! You get to give her back." Yeah, but I wouldn't mind having her around all the time!:)
My mother in law bought her a little walker. She is on the move!! Already getting the hang of it and moving a bit quicker.
This weekend we are heading up to Michigan to watch my younger Sister in law play field hockey. Then, I will be down in San Diego preparing for a wedding that we are shooting on Saturday. I'm excited and thankful to be able to have some time to travel right now.
I'm off to take more photos of my niece and then spend the evening editing.
Thanks for following!


  1. GREAT pics! When my fiancee and I went to Boston we seriously drank Dunkin' Donuts like twice a day, it really is the best coffee ever. I'm so sad they don't have it on the west coast!

  2. Thanks girl!! It is sooo good huh? I'm sad we don't have it on the west coast too!

  3. Dunkin' Donuts...Starbucks' larges competition... Looks like such a fun trip Danee! I am so happy you are getting to see family and take tons of photos! I love it!