September 7, 2011


I have so many things to do and think about but I am glad. I am thankful for the time with people this past weekend when we photographed two weddings. I am happy that my husband and I get to work together. He really is an amazing man--have I said that on here before?:)
A friend took our picture at the wedding on Sunday.
This coming Saturday I am excited to host a baby shower for a friend. On Sunday I am flying to out to Michigan to watch my sister in law play field hockey at Michigan University. (Might shed some tears about flying on Sept. 11th--I'm scared.) Then my mother in law and I are driving to Indiana to watch my niece for the week! I couldn't be more excited.

Amongst all of this fun stuff, I have lots and lots of editing to do! Which can also be fun, but quite time consuming. Hoping to get lots of office work done on my plane rides.

This coffee is helping me work quickly and efficiently, but it might be adding to the spinning of my head:)
I am a to-do list kinda person. I normally have many to-do lists lying around. I get great satisfaction in taking my pen and running it across the 'Clean Bathroom' or the 'Call phone company'. It is kinda sick:)

Are you a to-do list kinda person? If not, how do you remember all the to-dos?

Thanks for following and reading my little blurbs of life. I appreciate it!

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