September 28, 2011

In between editing...

In between editing and getting settled back at home, I have been thinking of ways to get outta the house once Travis is home after work. He sits at a desk all day so coming home and sitting the rest of the night makes him feel restless and like he hasn't smelled fresh air in a while. So, last night we went on a picnic in the park for dinner.
I filled our cute little picnic basket with a chicken salad, some grapes, and red vines.

What kind of grapes do you like? I really only like the crunchy, big ones that I put in the refrigerator. Am I a grape snob?:)
Mouth full o' salad...
I love Bidwell Park. I also love it when the tops of the trees are painted orange from the sunset. The weather was perfect and despite it being pretty hot during the day, it was cool in the shade around 6:30pm.
It is officially Fall--although it doesn't really feel like it yet. My favorite season in Chico is Fall. I can't wait for the leaves to change and the temps to drop. Scarves, boots, cardigans, pumpkin spice mochas, and streets lines with yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks leaves make me happy:)
 Back to editing! What's your favorite season? Are there even seasons where you live? 

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  1. Um, based on my blog, I think you know what my favorite season is:)

  2. Great post! I love picnics. Poor Travis, I know its rough working in an office all day. At least they probably don't have fluorescent lights. Anyways, I started a new blog to eventually help promote Doolittle Design on etsy. You should check it out.