September 27, 2010


(A lot of my posts on home projects are going to be for future use. Since we currently live in a one bedroom apartment and don't really have money for projects, I am merely daydreaming. But that can be fun!)

A trend that I've seen that I love is chalkboards. You can really make anything into a chalkboard now. All you need is your base and chalkboard paint! Of course, borders and edges make it cute!

Here are some that I've seen recently that make me want it...

See the "dwell" chalkboard? I just love this room overall...

the nest

Design Sponge:

Like I said, you can put chalkboard paint on just about anything...

Of course I have to include something from AshleyAnn. She is an artist of life. Even if you aren't into chalkboards, check out her is really something else.

Very much so looking forward to having a home...and a chalkboard.

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