September 5, 2010

In the middle of nowhere

One of our stops after all of the fun in Colorado was Badlands National Park. 

There were grasshoppers, flowers, 
cows, cows, and more cows.

Our next stop was Windcave National Park. This was also in the middle of nowhere but was pretty awesome. We bought tickets to get a tour of one of the caves. They have found over 100 miles of the caves underground but think they have only discovered 5-10% of it!! They told us to wear jackets because it was cold amazingly refreshing compared to the rv.

When we left the caves, we saw about 50 Bison making their way to their sleeping spot. This one walked right in front of the RV!

One of our favorite stops on the trip was Mount Rushmore. We went to the night show where a ranger taught about the history and we watched a video on each of the presidents who are on the mountain. I learned more that night than in my history classes! It is truly an amazing sight. It took 20 years to build and these men were brave, sitting in a little sling hundreds of feet high chipping away at rock.

On our way to Yellowstone, we ran into a huge herd of sheep. They were jumping across the street and we thought this little guy was worth sharing!

Next stop: Yellowstone!

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