September 5, 2010


We feel so blessed to have friends in different places around the country. Our friend Jay let us stay with him in Seattle, where we went to school and is now working. He was such a great host and showed us around Seattle better than we could have hoped. Jay took us to Thai food the first night we were in town and then to a park where we got to see this beautiful view...

First thing I thought when I saw the Space Needle...Grey's Anatomy

The next day, Jay took us to University of Washington campus where he graduated. 

 For breakfast we went to Jay's favorite donut place. Top Pot Donuts...

Next, Jay walked with us to Pike's Place Market. He had to go to work but gave us suggestions on where to eat and what to do. We can't thank you enough, Jay!!

If you haven't been to Pike's Place Market in Seattle, you must go! It is busy with vendors selling gorgeous flowers, yummy fresh fruit and vegetables, the famous fish market, etc.

 Oh, and you have to try Rainier cherries if they're in season...YUM

Pike's Place has a famous Fish Market where they throw the fish across the room when people order them.

This guy was talented...doing one-handed catches!

What we were surrounded by...

We had to go to the first Starbucks. This guy was playing his slap guitar outside of the bucks.

Goodbye Seattle, we loved you.

Now it is Jay's turn to visit Chico. Although, coming from Seattle, I think he might be kind of disappointed!

Next stop is Mt. Rainier!

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