September 5, 2010


This place definitely deserves it's own post. There are so many pictures, I don't know which to pick! I think the overall consensus was that Yellowstone was the favorite. We saw so much wildlife and such a variety of scenery.

 This was one of the first elk we saw in Yellowstone. He was right off of the road and didn't seem to mind that Dom was no more than 10 feet away from him taking pictures!

Mallory stopped to get this great pictures of a pond off of the road.

Old faithful being faithful...

At one of the Hot Springs in Yellowstone. The blues were amazing, along with the formations in the rock.

A beautiful waterfall

The one animal we were hoping to see! A beautiful Black Bear.

Travis was able to get too really close to it.

Travis was able to get pretty close to this mama elk, too.

One of the baby elk crossing the road....apparently they have the right of way.

Well, those are some of our highlights from Yellowstone National Park! On our way out of the park, we found a river where some of  the hot spring waters were flowing into. We were able to get our suits on and sit in some of the man-made jacuzzi. It was such a relaxing and perfect way to end our time in Yellowstone.

We were sad to see Mallory and Dom leave. She is off to Michigan to play field hockey in her first year of college. Be sure to root them on!

Next stop is Seattle, Washington!

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