September 5, 2010

Mt. Rainier National Park

 After leaving Seattle, we were tired. We drove to Mt. Rainier National Park where we really enjoyed spending some relaxing time just the two of us. We LOVED having Mallory and Dom on the trip and visiting friends and family. This was one of the most relaxing nights we had had in a while. We drove around the park a little bit and took a few pictures at sunset.

We stayed at a camp sight in the park that night and got some rest before the big day ahead of us.

We woke up to Mt. Rainier and it's beautiful halo of clouds.

We stopped to get a picture of this waterfall. We were getting sprayed from pretty far away!

Thankful for some cooler weather!

We loved Mt. Rainier National Park but at this point, we were starting to miss home.

Next stop is Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

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