October 4, 2010

Who's got mail?!

I do! I am so excited about some packages that have come in the mail tonight. I've been checking our mailbox like crazy for the past few days. Is anyone else very optimistic about delivery dates? It says expected delivery date Monday thru Friday and I am there Monday when the mailman comes!

(These stands are for my next diy post)

Anyways, Travis and I have used Shutterfly in the past and we have made a book for each year of marriage (2 so far)! They are fun to make and even more fun to look at. Because we have used their products, I have gotten emails about deals and sales. We actually got the 2nd year book for free because of one of the emails I got. Score! So, I saw that I could get 10 cards or stationery for free. So, I started to look on their website but I didn't see any cards I wanted to get. I then saw something that said Business Stationery. So, I created some "Albini Photography" stationery. It was just for fun but now that we have officially booked our first Engagement and Wedding Photographt job, they'll come in handy.

Look back to this blog post by AshleyAnn: 


This is where my second package comes into play. I ordered some of the headbands from FosterKadeDesigns on Etsy. I talked my hubby into it because it really is for a great cause. This family is trying to raise enough money for the adoption of their little girl from another country.

(Please forgive this "Myspace" bathroom shot...I was just too excited to not put this cute headband on and take a picture!)

Here are some of the headbands up close...

Go here to order your headband (They are on Vacation right now):


Thanks for following and you know I will post some more pictures of these cute headbands!

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