October 28, 2011

Little Ones--The Sathrum Family

Baby Sathrum, you are just such a cute little man! We are saving most of his photos for his parents to share but I thought I'd show you all a few. Enjoy!
It sure looks tiring being a baby. I'm sure mom and dad would argue that they are the ones who are tired:)
I am loving all of these sweet babies around us! 

On Wednesday Travis and I were able to go to a friend's house and watch her three week old little girl so the mom could sleep for a few solid hours. At one point we said "We could totally do this!" and then a few minutes later said "How do people do this?!" :)

So, cheers to Luke and Megan for being new parents! You two make a great team and your son is perfect.

Matt and Chelsea's Engagement Session will be up by Monday! 

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